Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Bite.

Lately Alexis has been picking our cat up, who ways about 15 pounds. When she picks him up he goes limp and gives us this look of "Please somebody tell her to put me down." We always are telling her to put him down, but she still does it. She has also started dragging the cat down to her bedroom and closing the door. Last night she grabbed him up and well he nipped at her finger. She cried of course as if the world was ending. I asked her if she learned anything and she replied" the cat just do a somersault and bite me." I tried to suppress my laughter so that I didn't hurt her feelings and told her yes cats can do somersaults but that you should pick the cat up. This morning she told daddy about the cat doing a somersault and biting her and making a hole in her finger...there isn't even a scratch. I love this age....they say the cutest stuff!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take me out the ball game!

Saturday we got to go to the Mariner's game for Free. Well we had to pay for gas to get there. We were in the 300 level...which is high. Maybe too high for 3 year old's to understand what she is supposed to be watching. She was so excited and even wanted to carry our backpack. It was kind of a wet day so we were surprised to get there and find the roof open. Alexis snoozed on the way up to Seattle and then woke up happy and for a 7pm game that is important. We ate before leaving and took snacks with us and got on the longest escalator I have ever seen. Found our seats (had to ask a group of boys to move out of them first!) and settled into the game which had already started. Alexis had fun...I don't think the Mariner's did though since they lost 1-10 to the Yankees. Alexis still takes about cheering for the yellow boat in the race they did on the big screen, and that the boat we chose won. She also tells everyone that she went to a baseball game. Maybe when she gets older she will play, you never know. A big thank you to Collin for the tickets!First walking into Safeco Field, can you tell we are late (there is nobody around, lol)

I think she was watching the big screen.Britt and Alexis
Our view of Seattle from our seats.

Cotton Candy mouth!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bike riding girl

I wish I had a picture(I guess I will have to go out and take one) of Alexis riding her bike. She is so fast now. She has only gone out and rode it 4 times, but she is good! She rode over a mile on Wednesday while Britt and I walked. Thursday her and Britt went on a ride. They rode up to my parents house. She fell when she turned on their rode and scraped her knee and then fell a few more times coming back. She was upset so Britt stacked her bike on his and walked home part way. Then carried her riding the bike. I love how strong she is. She is awesome!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alexis fell out of my bed yesterday at 5:30 am. I hurried and grabbed her and held her close and she told me that she fell out of the big bed. I replied to her that I was sorry. She said "It's not you mom, it's me." Funny girl.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yesterday while driving home from the pet store Alexis was holding her new fish, to replace the orange one that died. She started laughing and wiggling saying her fish was tickling her. She also says her fish talk to her. What a silly girl.