Friday, May 30, 2008

I don't understand

hopefully this works... are these people insane. Why are they cheering while at any second they could be stuck right in the middle of one. Erin you may not want to watch this since you live in tornado alley.

Is it a full moon?

First of all Alexis was up at 5:30am and fell asleep at 9:30am for a 2 hour nap. I thought yea she is going to go to bed early and since Britt will be gone on the stake father and son camp out, NICE. She however was not on the same schedule as me, she wouldn't not go to sleep until 9:30pm and I had to hold her hand until she went to sleep. When I left the room before she was fully into dream land she would sit up and cry "momma" until I came back in. I decided that I was not going to get my hallway painted and started browsing the zoo's and NW Treks websites. As I am sitting on the couch I hear the screen door opened a little. Now I am usually not one to freak out about such things, but come on who could resist that. So I turn the alarm on and go back to browsing and listening to the coughing fits coming from me now sleeping girl and trying not to freak. I thought the cough medicine I gave her before bed would have helped but nope. Alexis is coughing like crazy so I give her 2 breathing treatments (but the doctor says she is fine and won't diagnose asthma until she is 2!). I go back to the computer to wait a few minutes for the albuteral to work and I hear this sound like a baby crying. I am not fooled I know it is not Alexis so either a baby is sitting on my porch, remember the screen door opened, or it is a coyote, ok or it is a cat....which one do you think it is. I guess which ever it is, isn't big enough to turn the motion light on so I turn it off and flip it back on. Nothing on the porch...there goes the insane thought of a baby appearing. I look into the driveway and sure enough girlie is sitting there. Girlie is not a coyote, she is Jenn and Joe's cat that flew the coupe and has become rather wild since. She was seriously right at my door and meowing very loudly, jinx didn't even care but Rudy man he was looking for the chase. I kept my door shut though for fear that it was a trick!!! Haha I freaked out anyways. On with the story; Alexis is still coughing so I go and get the humidifier and set it up and the neighbor dog(pit bull that hates all other animals) starts barking and growling at the cat that is still sitting in the driveway for seriously 15 minutes just looking at my house. It is finally quiet no coughing, no meowing, no crazed dog barking just the hum of my laptop and clicking of my keys as I type my sad 45 words per minute. I just wanted to get my garden weeded and my hall painted today...all I got was a very crabby 21 month old who is not feeling good and crazy neighbor animals! I didn't even make cookies, I did however manage to devour a good amount of mint crisp m&ms(love them)! So I think I will head off to bed, tempted to make cookies first but since I didn't exercise today I think I will call my huge handful of m&m's a good enough splurge. Maybe tomorrow Alexis will feel up to letting me pull weeds and plant some pumpkins and zucks and tomatoes, well I may need someone to watch her while I till the garden since she hates anything loud except the vacuum. Hope those guys are warm up there at Buck Creek!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I won

While playing the wii today Alexis got really excited and said "I won!" then realizing that daddy was playing she turned to him and said "Daddy you won!" It was really cute, I love that she is saying sentences and they make sense too! She also waves at the end of every race, you have to keep the crowds of fake Mii's happy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Britt's typing speed

17 words

Speed test

This is how fast Britt types...go speed racer go! He types with 2 fingers so I would say this is pretty good, if only he didn't have the other 8 fingers just hanging around unused! He didn't make any mistakes though!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great Wolf

We had so much fun Yesterday at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mounds Washington. Amy and Aaron Schaub booked a room and invited us to come with them and enjoy the water park. Everyone should go, it is indoors and where the water park is it is 88 degrees. You don't feel cold, there is no breeze and much cleaner then an outdoor park. They have a wave pool and a really awesome slide, they have six big slides. Alexis had so much fun that when we tried to leave for dinner and then for home she cried and cried. Evana was sick though so Amy didn't have as much fun, but Romeo and Alexis just ran around like they were on a sugar high(they weren't). Anyways, Britt and I are gonna go there next year for our family vacation! We didn't take our camera with us to the water park, next time I will bring a water one. So all our pictures were taken as we were leaving. They have story time at 8pm every night at the clock tower, they have a little disco club for the teenagers, they have a cool arcade, an arts and crafts place, and they had interactive stations all through the hotel. It was cool you buy a wand and point it at things like pictures and boxes and they do different things. All the kids we saw that had wands were having a blast running around. Everything was decorated so well and beautifully, the staff was really nice and the other guests all seemed nice. We will be going back for sure!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I took these pictures before we went to Mallori's birthday party and thought I would share them with everyone! She is just so cute and I love her! She is wearing black dress shoes with no socks because that is what she wanted. It was going to be a battle to change her mind, so she won.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's a scorcher

If this is a prelude to summer I am so glad we bought our AC last year. I am not sure how hot it got today but when we got home from Mallori's birthday party our thermometer said 96. We decided that since our house was 85 we were putting the AC in. Had it for 30 minutes and we are already 3 degrees cooler. Yea, I am such a wimp when it comes to a hot house, I love it hot outside though. The kids had so much fun at Mallori's birthday and all it took was a big sheet of plastic, dish soap and a hose. Only a few people hit the fence or got banged up. Alexis loved it when Chad sprayed the water up in the air; she ran around trying to catch the water in her mouth. It was very cute. I really do hope we have a nice summer! Ashlee ans Alexis had fun hanging out on Thursday, we filled the baby pool and Alexis played until we forced her shivering body out! She loves running through the sprinkler and trying to catch the water in her mouth. I think we are gonna have a lot of fun this summer. Except when we mow the grass, even sitting with me she is so scared of the mower that she was biting her fingers and hand. Sad.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Falling out of bed

Alexis just fell out of her bed...heard a thump and went running. She barely woke up though good thing the bed is low to the ground. I was gonna buy an extra bed rail, but Britt didn't think it was necessary! Now he is trying to find something to fix it for the night at almost midnight!

Pictures from this week

Alexis and Mallori play with babies, Alexis is so sweet to younger kids it is fun to watch

This is how she has solved bad hair days(bangs in the eyes because mom wants to grow them out)! Britt drove his semi home and I realized Alexis has never been in it. Never turned that big wheel, honked the air horn....she really doesn't like that part. She was leaning on the steering wheel to see Britt outside and it went off and well she cried. So she may not jump at the chance to sit in it again. Alexis is also petrified of the lawn mower. I tried to mow the backyard Yesterday and thought she would be fine playing on the swing set; nope she went behind the shed and cried. I felt so bad, my parents came over and watched her so I could finish.

Big girl bed

Alexis has been giving me the hardest fight when it comes to bedtime and nap time. She will only go to sleep if I am holding her, which I love but the girl is getting heavy and it is harder to stand up with her when I am laying down. So I decided that she needs to start going to sleep in her bed, which getting in and out of the crib would not be as much fun as it sounds (hahaha) so I took off her crib rail and put on the toddler rail that came with the crib. So thought it was pretty cool to climb on and off her bed. When it came time to go to bed she tried putting up the usual fuss and limp body routine, well she was surprised when I put her in bed and knelt down and she could see me, she gave me a kiss and a hug. She wouldn't let go so I laid down with her and she just hugged me with her cute little arms around my neck and drifted off to sleep. It was kind of sad for me to know that she is big enough to sleep with out the crib. I actually shed a few tears about it while I watched her. So no crying and jumping up and down until she gives up and goes to sleep. She also started saying her first really clear sentence today.... "I wanna it." It was so clear a guy in the store laughed because he knew what she had said. Makes me happy because a few months ago I had her tested with Child reach to make sure she wasn't behind and they said that by the age of 2 they should be saying 50 words and 25 a strange should recognize and she should be saying 3 word sentences. She has been saying 2 word ones and every once in a while 3 words together, but she has "I wanna it" down. I'm not sure how many words she says now but it is over 30 and she is saying more everyday.


As moms we are so excited to see our little ones learn new things and become more independent in almost all areas of life; dressing themselves, picking up their toys, potty trained. The except would be when your 21 month old learns to open the pantry and get food out. Alexis would life a very great life if I let her eat like this, juice box in each hand, fruit snacks, mandarin oranges and chips. One day little girl you can eat like this all day and I won't stop you, but you have to move out first.

Wii fitness age update

I know you are all as concerned about my wii age being 65 so I did it over and it says I am 31, fine by me since I am 30. I am gonna keep trying though so if I can score in my low 20's like Britt. We bowled after Alexis went to sleep last night and we did it left handed....sad I scored my highest score that way!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mexico Ocean Video

Alexis was having a great time in the ocean. She would count one(holding up one finger on each hand), say two and three and run into the water. This however would be that last time she was happy to be in the ocean on this trip. Good thing daddy was there to save her or we wouldn't have a video camera anymore...due to water ruining electronics. I would have tossed the camera faster then a blink of the eye. I know I am giving myself a lot of credit since my Wii age says I am 65, gonna have to work on that. As I was looking through the videos I found one where she is feeding Alma too.


I have a serious back log of videos that I have wanted to put on here, Alexis getting rolled by a wave, her feeding Mallori and a few others so I will try and get them on now that I have downloaded them from the camera. I have also discovered that I have a really lame laugh so please just pretend that you ccan't hear it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

31 cents

We went to Baskin Robins last night and got our 31cent scoops of ice cream. When we got there the line was small and by the time we had eaten our ice cream and walked into Fred Meyer purchase a few things and went to see if my parents had their ice cream yet the line was out the door and into the parking spaces. We had awesome timing, my parents and Kate not so awesome; we all got ice cream though. We got a vanilla cone for Alexis, I got a cone with cookies and cream and pistachio. I got Britt pistachio, raspberry cheese lousie, Pineapple and his favorite mint chocolate chip all of that for $2.36. What a bargain and so good! This where we sat to eat our ice cream until the wind started then we went into Fred Meyer.