Monday, August 31, 2009

3rd Party

Since Britt wasn't able to be there for her birthday dinner, which is usually Red Robin, we went out on Thursday. She was so cute and loved the singing. This was the birthday night because while we were there they seriously sang happy birthday to about 11 people. It was good food and good service. I love this little girl so much and look forward to next years birthday. Yes I have started thinking about the party. I can't help it, I love parties.

Ketchup and Fries
She wanted me to to take a picture of her bum, what a silly girl
More fries
Just ate the cherryWho needs spoons when your mouth fits in the bowl. She didn't finish the sunday Daddy did. What a great week and year. I look forward to this next year and seeing how amazing she becomes! Happy Birthday Alexis, we love you tons!

Friends Birthday Party

Tuesday August 25th, her birthday. We started the day with more presents. She got pants and a shirt and a game(which I still haven't got batteries for). Then she wanted waffles for breakfast so I made that up for her. Then we started getting ready for the tea party. It rained so the outside party was out and it became an inside party. The girls were so pretty in their dresses. We had our tea(lemonade) and fruit, sandwiches and cream puffs. Then each girl got a mini cupcake with a candle to blow out. We played musical teapots, pin the tea cup on the saucer. I read them "Tea for Ruby" and we colored picture frames. Then the presents, all we saw was tissue paper and bags as 6 girls tore through them. It was pretty funny. I am happy that Alexis let her friends help her. We then had free time, they jumped on the trampoline played with her new toys and old toys. They had fun and so did I. I asked what she wanted for dinner and she requested Hot Dogs. Yuck, so I did what any good parent would do and took her to get a gourmet hot dog. Much better. I think she had a great party and birthday!Emma and Alexis
Ashlee didn't want her picture taken, she was eating cake!
Josie and Alexis
Sophia and Alexis
Ella and Alexis
Evana and Alexis

Ella and Soph like this present too! Coloring
Licking the candle
All the girls

Birthday Party 1

Finally posting about the 3 parties Alexis had celebrating her birthday. The first one was on Sunday August 23rd with all the family and friends. She was so excited she didn't eat dinner. We gave her the big present at this party. She got a bicycle. Which she hasn't had a lot of time to ride, sad. Maybe if this fog lifts we can go out and work on it today. She also got a fish tank and all the stuff from Grandpa and Grandma, Jon and Steph and Debbie. She has been very good with feeding the fish everyday. She got her song book from Grandma Shirley(I have been looking forward to her being old enough to get it!) Alexis wanted watermelon instead of cake, so we cut a huge wedge and stuck her candles in it. She loved it and took a huge bite once the candles were out. The rest of us had cake, I think she did too. Daddy lit her candles 5 times so that she could blow them out all at once.

Sunday morning we gave her a new dress to wear for the you like her outfit here. She always puts this on when I ask her to get dressed ( you can't see the flowered leggings that do not match.)
She took this cupcake and started eating it before church. When Daddy asked her what she was doing she replied "It's not hot anymore," too funny.
Getting all the candles out at once!
Riding her new bike.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

She is 3

Happy Birthday to a very special girl. Alexis you are amazing, bright, sweet, and fiery! You have the best laugh and say the cutest things. I love when you ask me to "holda me" and "mom can I sleep with you." You run everywhere and are so brave. You are afraid of bugs and spiders but that is ok because daddy doesn't like them either. Your eyes are so sparkly and expressive. I love to cuddle with you and read you stories. I love when you play so hard that you fall asleep in my arms. You really are incredibly smart and sharp. Some of the sentences you say right now crack me up
"Of course mom" (Gabe taught her that)
"This is the last one"(always said while eating a treat)
"Where we going next mom?"

You are very determined and once you set your mind it takes a lot to change it. I hope you can put it to very good use as you grow and face many challenges. You are a leader. You love to give hugs and kisses. If you are not sure what something is you say it is nothing. We love you so very much. We are so happy to have you as our daughter and cherish every moment(yes even the crabby ones!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 13

August 3rd
We got up and where on the road about 9am. We made it to my cousin Emma's at about 2:30 in Meridian. Alexis was so awesome in the car, such a blessing. Emma's baby Andrew was just 12 days old. He was a sweetie. Eliza and Alexis had fun playing together, they are 2 days apart in age. Alexis loved Isaac though, this girl has a thing for older boys not good! We played for a little while and then went to my cousin Jessica and Craigs for the night. Their Courtney is the cutest. I just love her. They played on the swing set and read books. They played in the laundry hampers and were just really cute. We had a FHE lesson and then put the girls to bed....just Courtney, Alexis wouldn't go to sleep due to a late nap. We talked for a bit and then went to bed. Alexis probably didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm. I woke up at 6:30am and debated on leaving or waiting until everyone woke up. I decided to leave and get some road under my belt while Alexis was still sleeping. I almost made it more then halfway through Oregon before she woke up. She got a bit crabby in Cayuse pass, but we had less then an hour and we where home. It was nice to be home. We went to National Night Out with Daddy. She loved the bubbles and goo. Such a great trip and we had so much fun getting to spend time with everyone and meeting cousins we had never meet! Thanks Leslie, Tammy, Uncle Ches and Jessica for letting us stay with you.
Daddy is is the best at bubbles
She wouldn't go near him with out Daddy
Look at the concentration!
Hanger Bubbles
Face painting
Alexis and Courtney

Alexis and Isaac
Emma, Andrew and Alexis
Eliza, Alexis and Rachel
My Uncle Ches and Aunt Judy's family, the kids wanted one with silly faces, it was the only way to get a nice one.

Casey with his nephews, I guess he gets them all wild.
Grandma Jenny, Alexis and Crystal

I am done with our vaca!

Day 12

August 2nd
Today is Sunday. I took Alexis to a spray park by Tammy and Dave's house. Alexis only played for about 20 minutes and then wanted to go back. I finished getting the car packed and we took showers. We then went and got an ice cream cone at Artic Circle. I left from there, Alexis decided to throw a big fit and would say good bye to Tammy and Dave. I told her she had better say goodbye to Alex and she wouldn't. After we got in the car and left she cried because she wanted to say bye to him. Funny girl. We went to visit with my Aunt Cheree and her kids. It was fun seeing my cousins and all their kids. We then headed to my Uncle Ches's house for dinner with his family. We filled their house, it was fun. Grandma Jenny came and it was really wonderful to see her. Alexis and Kyle had tons of fun together. They are only a few weeks apart in age. We spent the night there in Bountiful. It was really relaxing that evening.

Aunt ChereeMy cousin Misty's kids
Would you believe that this is another Alex and Alexis played with him the most while we were at Aunt Cheree's!

i love this picture! She is completely in the air!

Day 11

August 1
Today was a really busy but awesome day. Alex was baptized. It was so great to be there and share this with him. My Uncle Lynden Baptized and confirmed him. Alexis must have been missing Grandpa because when Dave's dad came in Alexis went and gave him a hug(she also hugged anyone Alex hugged). During the talks she went over and sat on his lap, it was funny. His dad is kind of like my dad. Afterwards we had a little get together. I was able to sit and talk with my uncle, I have never done that before. I really enjoyed meeting some of Dave's family and their friends. We then went to the beach at Herriman. There were lot's of bees though. What is it with water and bees, so annoying. We had fun in the water, but where getting hungry so we went out for Mexican. It was yummy. Alexis and I then went the Oruirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was going really well until we got in the temple. Alexis wouldn't stay right by me, she would try and walk a few people ahead. I was trying really hard not to raise my voice to get her to come back with me and then all of the sudden i couldn't see her anymore. I figured she must have just walked ahead so I started moving through the crowd to catch up to her. I went to the end of the hall, no girl. I went up the first flight of stairs, no girl. I went to the next floor, still no girl. I was getting a panicky when I got to the foyer where the double stair case was and I couldn't see her. I had been asked temple workers if they had seen her and they hadn't. So they started a search and a worker took me through the temple a special way to get to the entrance and the end of the tour just in case. Then we retraced and another temple worker was coming towards us with her. I was so relieved and upset. I decided to keep going on the tour since we hadn't seen anything but the baptismal font. Goodness that girl was still trying to walk ahead of me. i remember that they had cookies at the end so I used it as a way to keep her with me. I was really frustrated at how the tour went and disappointed. The temple was amazing and beautiful, my kid was a pain. When the B.C. temple opens here we will most likely not take Alexis in, but I will also have Britt with me so that will make it easier.

After the temple drama we went back to Tammy's house so that we could go to the Allstar's baseball barbecue. Drew's team did amazing taking 1st in state. It was really neat to be there for their awards and stuff. During the awards Alexis and Alex were playing and I could see them most of the time. At one point I couldn't see Alexis running around so I went to check on her. I couldn't see her, I looked at the playground and still couldn't find her. The awards got over and so we all started looking for this 2 year old. Tammy found her in the bathroom. She had gone in to go and had been calling me. The bathroom doesn't have AC and she had been in there for about 10 minutes. She was sweaty and way over heated. Not only could she not wipe herself but she couldn't get the door open, it was just too heavy to pull. Kind of silly to make the door so heavy at a baseball field. I put her to bed when we got home, it had been a stressful day. i mean who looses their kid twice in one day. Me that's who.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Run around the town!

I ran the Bonney Lake 5 mile fun run. I was really nervous seeing as I haven't really run or anything for a month. I also have never run this far. So I got up at 7:30am and sucked down a power gel thing. if I eat anytime within 2 hours of a run I get sick. I took Alexis up to my parents house because Britt was at a stake service project. My dad came with me to drive my car from the start to the finish. I got registered and then had an hour wait. It was fun to be in a big group of people all with the same goal. When we first start out I thought oh man what am I doing, I can't run this far! But I kept going and going. It was all hills, up and down, no long flat stretchs. I surprised myself in being able to run the hills and actually passed some people on them. When I got near the finish my knee that I twisted at the beginning of summer started bugging me, but I kept running. My mom had brought Alexis over and they were at the finish line cheering me on. I came in 73 with a 68 minute run. My number was 75, so next time I will try for a small number maybe my time will be better too! Anyway, Iam sore today(not as sore as I thought I would be) I am glad I did it and will be doing more now!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 10

July 31
Today we went out for Breakfast at The Village Inn. It was good and the waitress was really nice. The manager even offered to give Alexis a free slice of pie if she ate all her Breakfast{of course that didn't happen!} After that we met up with a friend of mine from the good old days from Snow College, Jeff Taylor. His family took us to Liberty Park. It was really cool, I loved how they designed it so that all the canyons were represented and had water streams that feed into the big splash pool. This park will always be on our list of to-do's in Salt Lake. The free part of it was even better! After that we went back to Jeff's so his kids could nap. We took Alexis to the play ground and then played the Wii. When everyone was up we went to Gardener Village. It is a very neat place and I learned later that day after talking to my mom that it is even better. A little history, Archibald Gardener was an ancestor of mine and the barn that is a restaurant was built by him and he owned the land! I also learned that the lumber used to build it was supplied by a grandfather on my dad's side from Wight's Fort mill{I wish I would have gotten to go there I guess there is a sign saying all this!} We had fun going through the little shops and getting to know Catherine, Malisia(that is the German way to spell Melissa) and Kate. I wish we would have had more time with them. Next time we go to SLC we will have to spend way more time together and with Britt! We then meet Dave, Tammy, Drew and Alex at Chili's for dinner. This was a treat for us since the closest one is an hour away. We then went back to their house and the boys got to light their 24th of July fireworks off. Before the fireworks the boys played football and Alexis was the cheerleader. She improvised with the pom poms and used tumble weeds! It was fun to watch the kids play. They had tanks and melted army guys. I had never heard of this before, I didn't have older brothers. Alexis thought the tanks and guys being on fire pretty cool because she told Britt about it. We stayed up too late for having such a early and busy day Saturday, but it was fun!

This was taken at Gardener Village, I asked her to look at me for 1 picture and then I wouldn't bug her...this is what I got.Riding a big girl scooter for the 1st time and down a hill! lol. There is a picture of my Great(a few back) grandfather's.

One example of the canyon's at Liberty Park, they really were neat!
Alexis and Malisia taking aim.
Kate has the biggest smile! Love it, she isn't even afraid. Maybe she knows that Alexis can't aim is well.

Climbing on the rocks at the park{there were signs that said don't climb on the rocks, I saw them after this and seriously most of the kids that play there can't read.}

This cheerleader is so cool!
She had to be like one of the boys!They look so cool in all their gear. An update about their games Drew intercepted and scored a touchdown and Alex is doing good also. I wish I could go to one of their games.