Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 10

July 31
Today we went out for Breakfast at The Village Inn. It was good and the waitress was really nice. The manager even offered to give Alexis a free slice of pie if she ate all her Breakfast{of course that didn't happen!} After that we met up with a friend of mine from the good old days from Snow College, Jeff Taylor. His family took us to Liberty Park. It was really cool, I loved how they designed it so that all the canyons were represented and had water streams that feed into the big splash pool. This park will always be on our list of to-do's in Salt Lake. The free part of it was even better! After that we went back to Jeff's so his kids could nap. We took Alexis to the play ground and then played the Wii. When everyone was up we went to Gardener Village. It is a very neat place and I learned later that day after talking to my mom that it is even better. A little history, Archibald Gardener was an ancestor of mine and the barn that is a restaurant was built by him and he owned the land! I also learned that the lumber used to build it was supplied by a grandfather on my dad's side from Wight's Fort mill{I wish I would have gotten to go there I guess there is a sign saying all this!} We had fun going through the little shops and getting to know Catherine, Malisia(that is the German way to spell Melissa) and Kate. I wish we would have had more time with them. Next time we go to SLC we will have to spend way more time together and with Britt! We then meet Dave, Tammy, Drew and Alex at Chili's for dinner. This was a treat for us since the closest one is an hour away. We then went back to their house and the boys got to light their 24th of July fireworks off. Before the fireworks the boys played football and Alexis was the cheerleader. She improvised with the pom poms and used tumble weeds! It was fun to watch the kids play. They had tanks and melted army guys. I had never heard of this before, I didn't have older brothers. Alexis thought the tanks and guys being on fire pretty cool because she told Britt about it. We stayed up too late for having such a early and busy day Saturday, but it was fun!

This was taken at Gardener Village, I asked her to look at me for 1 picture and then I wouldn't bug her...this is what I got.Riding a big girl scooter for the 1st time and down a hill! lol. There is a picture of my Great(a few back) grandfather's.

One example of the canyon's at Liberty Park, they really were neat!
Alexis and Malisia taking aim.
Kate has the biggest smile! Love it, she isn't even afraid. Maybe she knows that Alexis can't aim is well.

Climbing on the rocks at the park{there were signs that said don't climb on the rocks, I saw them after this and seriously most of the kids that play there can't read.}

This cheerleader is so cool!
She had to be like one of the boys!They look so cool in all their gear. An update about their games Drew intercepted and scored a touchdown and Alex is doing good also. I wish I could go to one of their games.

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