Thursday, August 25, 2011



Friday, August 19, 2011

We are surviving Daddy being gone. I am actually surprised the kids are doing so well. Alexis is a bit snotty with me though telling me no a lot and being stubborn about doing things for me. So she has been loosing privileges for it and it seems to be helping. Megan is jabbering up a storm and is just cute. She says
hi dad
ses (Alexis)
hi and waves at everyone
one two (after I say it)
sit (to Rudy)

and probably a few others that my sleep deprived mind can't remember. She is getting all 4 of her 1 year molars right now, I guess in the long run all at once is quicker just not easier the poor little baby is not wanting to eat, but is hungry so she is nursing a lot.

Alexis is in swim lessons and is coming along well. On the first day she wouldn't float on her back without looking like a chuck of wood, it was funny to see her so stiff. Now she will lay her head back and let her teacher help her relax. She will dog paddle about 10 feet real well and does bobs where they have to go under all the way and blow bubbles out. She is kicking with straight legs and just all around doing better. I hope by the end of next week that she will be really comfortable with the floating and other swim stuff. I wish that the summer had been different and I could have put her in one more session, but it just couldn't happen.

Britt is starting to like the job more in Alaska. He is surprised at how the guys up there haul cars, not in a good way either. He has been trained so well by my dad and the others he has worked around for the past 10 years that he feels he has a lot to offer the company. We are trying really hard to figure out a way to get us up there. I sold my piano yesterday which put a big chunk of money towards the move. We are trying to decide now if we head up there and leave our house empty and try and make it for the next year or so with no renters or if we try and rent it. Renting is so stressful for me and leaving it empty is so tempting, but it will put a strain on our finances. Oh decisions to make sometimes being an adult is no fun...although I am sure Alexis at nearly 5 feels being a kid is not fun either because your mom is always telling you what to do!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daddy is the big huge love
Mommy is the large love
Alexis is the little love
Megan is the tiny love

Thanks for clearing that up Alexis. So I have talked to Britt on the phone a bunch since he left, but tonight we Skyped and I got all teary eyed. Megan cried when she saw him. Alexis was really excited and talked is ear off for a few minutes. I don't think it will get easier and hopefully we will be re-united again soon. I am trying to think of this as a work deployment not just like in the military because he isn't in harms way fighting bad guys, but gone just the same. I just hope that as we read the scriptures and pray together still as a family or at least as a couple that it will help.

Friday, August 5, 2011

High or Hi

Today the girls were playing high five with daddy. Megan watched Daddy and Alexis play a few times and then he turned to her. When they got to "up high" she waved to him instead. It was really cute. The simple things that we don't think about.

Megan is a serious climber, if it is wide enough for her body she will try and scale it. She loves to play with the toilet paper(so if you come over and it is in a pile on the back of the toilet you know why) and she is so quick about it.

Britt is going to Alaska on Monday for work. I tell ya 1 month of unemployment is a huge stress, but we have grown as a couple and a family. I wouldn't want to go through it again, but I am grateful for this time that we have had together. We had planned on him taking a month of next summer because he was going to have 3 weeks vacation, so I guess we just got blessed with it early. We are going to miss him like crazy and are doing all we can to save up so that the girls and I can join him as soon as possible. We are planning on flying him home every 6 weeks or so. I am so torn between moving. It will be really fun to live somewhere new and at the same time scary. It also is sad to leave family, my girls have such a special relationship with my parents. They get the privilege of seeing them multiple times a week, going to church with them and just having a very close bond. I was moved from my grandparents when I was 11 and still to this day miss being with them(they are all in Heaven now). We will have to make really good and sure that we come back often so that they still get that grandparent time!

Alexis had a hard time sleeping last night she said because she was thinking about what school will be like. Sweet girl, I hope that she doesn't stress about it too much. She knows where her school is and even where her class will be, where she gets a lunch and the library. They do a free lunch at her school and I plan to take her over there a few more times before school starts so that she gets more familiar with the school.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

upside down?

The other day we had pineapple upside down cake. We asked Alexis if she wanted a piece and she said no. We were confused because this girl loves pineapple. She cleared the confusion a few minutes later when she asked if she could have hers right side up because she didn't want it upside down.

Love her!