Monday, September 26, 2011

Alexis wishes she had school everyday.  She doesn't want me to ask her to stay home with me anymore.  Sad.  She also told me about her friend named Cookie.  I wouldn't have believed that was really her name but when I was at the school last week for curriculum night and sat in Alexis spot right next to her was a tag with Cookie on it.  She also told me today that nobody plays with her at recess.  I find this really hard to believe since she makes new friends everywhere we go.  She can be funny about stuff like that.  It is so hard not knowing what is really going on.  I think I will have my friend who teaches there keep an eye and an ear out.  Megan is really into throwing fits and screaming when things don't go her way.  She gets mad at Alexis who is always picking her up and taking her away from things.  Last night she had enough and tried to bite Alexis.  Of course Alexis cried which made Megan cry.  Oh the joys of children.  I talked with Alexis about letting me do the mommy stuff with Megan so that Megan didn't try and bite again she said no I want her to bite me.  Love them, especially when they are sleeping, ha!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alexis made me breakfast. it was soaking wet. She wanted to put frosting that was hard on it so she tried adding water, so when she put it on the bread all she really put on was sugar water. Then she put candy pearls and princess shoe sprinkles. It was sweet but I didn't eat it.
Megan fell asleep sitting next to me.
Tooth fairy came to our house.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alexis said she got in trouble at school for showing her food at lunch and had to go to a table that nobody was sitting at.  Not sure on all the details and will ask her teacher for more info, but when I asked her why she did it she said her brain was upside down and now it is only crooked.  Still wondering if someone told her about her brain or if she came up with that all on her own.

Megan says "get up" a lot.  It is funny and so we laugh and she says it more and more.  Makes me glad I don't swear so I won't hear it from my children's sweet little mouths.  Sad thing is Alexis is hearing it outside of our home and will try and say a few of them.  Yesterday she said one and I heard it.  So I called her on it and she had to say 3 nice words.  She choose "I love you" and "I'm sorry."  She is also wanting to sleep with me since Daddy is gone and I must be lonely because my bed is so big.  So I told her she had to sleep in her bed on school nights and she decided that meant all the rest are ok.  So everyday she says do I have school tomorrow?  I made a deal that she can fall asleep in my bed and then I will move her. 

Fall is coming and honestly I am ready.  Usually I want summer to just keep shining but we aren't doing anything anyways so we might as well move on!  Besides I have started to crave apple cider and pumpkin stuff.  It has cooled down and is barely getting to 70 so not quite cider weather.  I got the deck all ready for the kids to play on rainy days, slide and picnic table, play tent and rug all swept (I love having a covered deck). 

Monday, September 12, 2011

So silly! She is pretty good at self portraits!
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This is not a picture of Megan standing on her piano to get scissors, it is of the hunky cartoon guy on the TV!

Just look at that forehead. She fell twice on cement and landed on her forehead...really baby girl you have to put your hands down to catch yourself. It was really sad.  She also found a can of soda or punch and tried to drink it...she was able to soak her shirt, pants and the deck.

She loves to look out the window and sing to her hearts content. It is pretty cute and super funny. Oh the lyrics she comes up with.

I didn't eat your chocolate.

Daddy. I miss him more then I ever have before.
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Here is the proof I did her hair today. She is crying for a nap and maybe because Alexis is getting ready to leave for school!
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Alexis is a great little photographer. Here is a collage of her pictures! I didn't crop any of them, this is exactly how she took them.
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This are from her first day orientation. School started this day for all the kids except in away she went to school the same day!

I had to have her come back out for this one little miss is so big and ready for school that she walked right in before I could snap a picture!

Mrs. Maloney and Alexis!

Her first Assembly at the back to school bbq!
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Waiting for Alexis to get off the bus. She was so excited to see her that she wouldn't let her out of her site and chased her around the house playing! It was really cute.

I promise I did her hair today.

Hmmmm something isn't right here?

Climbed on Sisters bed by herself.

Rolling around because that is what you do when one can climb on a big girl bed!
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She had a big day today of first. She lost her tooth during lunch at school. Her teacher had told her last week that she gets to write her name on a tooth chart when she looses it and so I guess she decided today was the day and instead of eating wiggled her tooth until it came out. She was so excited that she kept getting out of bed to ask when the tooth fairy would come! So her glittery money is waiting for her!

The letter from the tooth fairy appeared after this picture was taken!

She is having a hard time looking at the camera lately.

Cute little space in her teeth!

P.S. Daddy wanted her to send it to Alaska since the tooth fairy pays more there(well it does cost more to live). So he said $20, I asked him if he really wanted her to send a tooth and he decided not so much to just tell her he called the tooth fairy and she would fly down special for her and give her $10. Well I didn't have a ten but had $5 ones. Goodness that is one tiny little expensive tooth!
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K is for Kindergarten!

Her spot! She was writing her name when I left. I didn't cry, although I felt emotional and could have if i would have let my guard down.

Saying bye to me. I am so nervous and excited for her. I hope she just loves school!
Waiting to go out to the bus stop.

Almost time!

Good byes!

Getting off the bus, I can't wait to hear what she thought of the bus!

Putting her stuff in her cubby.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Love the crinkled nose smile.

Blow out that candle birthday girl!

Her favorite part! The presents. Sadly I didn't get a picture of everyone sitting around our yard for the movie, we filled our yard. We had 30 kids and their parents plus a few more watching Rio, fun movie and perfect for a backyard flick!. Truly awesome and way fun. We also did glitter art on all the kids.
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On her birthday we let her pick something to put a candle in(we did her party the next day so I didn't want to make cake 2 nights in a row), she picked a sugar covered donut.
The birthday girl and her table decorations...even though the theme was supposed to be drive-in movie she just had to have princess stuff.

I think they want a cupcake!

One pleased little lady!
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