Friday, September 2, 2011

I do have pictures to post about Alexis and her 5th birthday, but well I am too lazy to transfer the pictures. I love Alexis with all my heart, she is such a fun girl and so smart. She is very excited about starting Kindergarten! On the 31st her school had a back to school bbq and a meet your teacher night. We didn't know who her teacher would be until that night. She has Mrs. Maloney and got to see her classroom and find her backpack cubby, and her name tag at her table. She got to walk around the room and see where somethings are like the bathroom! My parents took Megan so that Alexis and I could go without a baby, funny thing is Alexis was upset when she realized Megan wasn't coming. Alexis has been carrying a purse around with us everywhere for the last week. It is cute to see her acting like such a big girl. She is very protective of her sister and wants her to do everything with her(except play in her room) she will pick her and carry her around. Megan adores her and they love to laugh and be silly.

Megan tickles people, it is cute! She also will no longer sit in a cart, no matter how tight I buckle her in she finds away to stand up. She is a petite thing which I think makes it easier to squirm her way out. She hasn't been sleeping well since her first molars have started emerging, one is almost all the way through! She has started the dreadful scream if things aren't done her is not cute at all.

We had an awesome weekend with Britt home. He surprised Alexis by coming home for her birthday. His boss paid for his ticket and then he was going to drive his truck back with my dad. Long story but Britt wasn't allowed to enter Canada, I got him a flight using air miles, my dad tried to drive through but the check engine light came on and a tire started having trouble so he turned around and came back. Just a very frustrating end to his trip. So we are back to square one on getting him transportation. Well mom duties call so more later.

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Chastina said...

That is great that he was able to surprise her!