Thursday, June 24, 2010

A birth story

So I am happy to announce that she finally arrived! She was born on Tuesday, June 22, 2010! We had quite the 24 hours leading up to her birth. We went and saw our midwife at 3:30 on Monday and had another Non stress test and she checked me. Well I started having continous cramping until about 6pm and then it turned it to contractions. They were about 3 minutes apart at 8 so we called Nancy and we went in to be checked. I was still only at a 1 but she stripped my membranes...seriously that is so painful. So we went home and I continued to have contractions and I knew I was in labor. Spent a lot of time in the bath tub during the night and just tried to relax in between. At about 6am we called Nancy and she told us to come in. I honestly didn't want to, for the silliest reason. I knew it was going to hurt when she checked isn't that silly. I knew it was not to be avoided so we called my parents and took Alexis up to my dad, then headed off to the birthing center. When we got there at 7:15am I had this realization that this was happening. I thought I was prepared for it all but how can you be when you have never gone through it. Nancy said that she might break my water around 8. So Grandma Shirley and Grandma Martin got there as soon as they could thinking it was going to be soon, but alas I was only at a 3. So we kept laboring. I truly wanted to give up and go to the hospital around 11. I was so tired and I felt like nothing was happening. But everyone told me that I can do it and pep talked me up! Nancy told me don't let discouraging thoughts get in the way. Britt reminded me that Angels were attending me and helping me get through this. This is what we all wanted, we didn't want her born medicated. So I stuck with it. I got an IV to rehydrate and then we made the choice to break my water when I was at a 6. I then got in the tub and had the water as warm as I could stand it. Britt poured water over me continuously and couched me through every breath I took. He was amazing, amazing. I have the most amazing, wonderful and awesome husband, couch, supporter and eternal companion that anyone could ask for. He would say look at me, and then would have me breath and would tell me I can do this and not to let the pain get ahead of me and take over. I was in the tub for a little over an hour and by then was at an 8. It was seriously time to get this baby out. Nancy is a miracle worker when it comes to getting babies out without tearing. I pushed for around 45 minutes and she was out. I was pushing every other contraction and then as she was crowning I decided I needed to push with every one it was just too much to have her there and waiting. Britt was able to catch her and help deliver her and he lost it. He was so overcome with emotion and was speechless. I was so relieved to have her out and safe. I find it amazing that it hurt less to push through a contraction then to try and breath through it. Once Britt placed her on my tummy I was in such shock and in awe that it was done, my baby was here. She cried and cried and it was the most wonderful sound ever. After everything we had been through all the scary things we had been told and feared were gone. I just laid there looking at this perfect baby in my arms and cried. Britt cut her umbilical cord and she was free. She weighed 7 pounds 2ounces 21 inches long and was crying! When Alexis came in everything was complete, my family was all there. She loved seeing Megan and was just so amazed. She had come in the bathroom while I was laboring and wanted to get in the tub with me, it was cute. Every time we had gone to our appointments she had asked to take a bath in it. I think it made her nervous how I was acting though. We went home a few hours later and took naps. Alexis went with my parents and asked to come home around 8:30 to see her new sister!

Daddy and Alexis dressing of our first moments together.
Holding Megan
Helping to wash her hair!
In awe of her tiny sister.
getting weighed.
Meeting me finally!
Just born.
getting my IV.
Sorry they aren't in order, but you get the idea! I honestly wouldn't have asked for things to go any other way except maybe shorter. I hope I get to do it again just not real soon!!!

4 lil' notes:

Megan said...

Aw, great job, Crystal! Your little family is adorable, and Megan looks so tiny and sweet :) I'm so happy for you. Hope you're all well and getting enough rest :)

Kate said...

Congrats! Way to go Crystal and Britt!

Jenny M said...

Aw! That story made me cry. I am SO happy for you guys! That is amazing that you endured the pain for that long, and YOU DID IT! What a sweet husband you've got. A keeper!

PS she's adorable!

Horn Family said...

I am so happy!!!! I can't wait to see sweet Megan! I am seriously moved to tears right now. I wish I could have been there for the birth and blessing! I am so extremely Happy for You guys!!! : ) Miss and Love You All!!! : )