Saturday, June 5, 2010


Us in Leavenworth. Alexis is starting to show off in pictures.

Touching her fish.

We had three poles in the water. I was holding Alexis's since she kept getting bored and we didn't want her to drop it. All of the sudden I felt tugging, now I have never really caught a fish. I have reeled them in, but never felt them bite. So Britt jumped up and grabbed the pole and started reeling it in before we stopped and handed it over to Alexis. She was so excited and it was prefect timing, she was just asking to go back to the birdy house(that is what she called the cabin!) I was shocked when she touched the fish, she doesn't like bugs or worms.

Just starting out on our fishing adventure, the wind had picked up and it was chilly.

This is the grocery store in Plain, WA. I thought the sign was fun!

A few weekends ago at a park for Sam's birthday.

Riding a horse of Aunt Katie's. Alexis has always been hysterically afraid of them. We were surprised when she wanted to walk out and see them and then didn't cry when we put her on. She did so good petting the baby one too. Maybe she is a bare back rider and the saddle scares her. Who knows!

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