Friday, July 29, 2011

Cherry picking

if you look in the top of the tree you can see a yellow blob, that my friends is Britt.

She fell asleep just sitting next to Britt on the couch.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We went "camping" at Ensign ranch and stayed in a bunk house....I may never set a tent up again. It was so nice to be out of the dirt and have room to walk around indoors, especially for Megan. The other nice thing about the ranch is were our friends camped in tepees it was all grass. I think this is the cleanest we have ever stayed while camping! It was so warm and fun. Alexis rode a horse, slip and slide...they have a huge one built that is so fun, caught grasshoppers, played until she dropped, throw rocks and sticks and anything else into the lake and river. Megan walked around trying to keep up with the big kids and carried sticks and rocks to her hearts content. It was truly just what I need to regroup and relax. I came home with peace in my heart ready to pick up the job search again. I will post pictures soon of our fun weekend. We are already planning next years and will be staying at least one more night!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Alexis wishes Megan was 4. Megan ate another slug today, this time her mouth was coated in slim. Alexis plays so well with Megan and looks after her so sweetly. Megan loves to carry purses and bags on her arm. We got my barbie house from my parents and both girls have been having a blast playing with it. Life is moving along at a snails pace right now. I am tired of the stress so I am taking a vacation from it and going to move on. Things are what they are and thinking about it 24/7 will not change it. I have a great family and I love them with all my heart, that will never change and as long as we have each other nothing else matters. I got some good snuggle time in with Alexis last night because she couldn't sleep. Oh how I miss when she was a baby and she needed me to lay with her each night to go to sleep. I am so pleased with who she is becoming! What an amazing young lady we have!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alexis has a little notebook with a lock on that she lovingly calls her diarrhea. It is the funniest thing and I laugh every time she says it. She was playing princess yesterday and tried dressing Megan up which she didn't like so she had Megan play the horse. True to a 1 year old she would not stay where the horse was supposed to and was sent to pasture to not play princess anymore. It was funny. Megan likes to follow the big kids around and around even if they run in circles. I love watching my beautiful daughters grow up! I love watching Megan adore Alexis and how much Alexis loves having a sister.

Last night Megan was playing with her stroller and would wave bye to us and walk away. These girls are really great to each other. Alexis loves to play with her, except when she pulls her hair. I really truly am blessed with amazing children and a great husband. We are currently in a career change and trying to decide if he should go to school or what. Either way we are putting all our faith in the Lord that he has a plan and that we will find the right thing.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Megan talking on the phone, funny story we were at my parents house and she had gone to the family room to see what Alexis was doing and the phone rang. I answered in because it was my mom. While we were talking I kept hearing buttons being pushed and asked my mom if it was her. It was not so I went to the family room and found Megan with the phone, pushed the talk button and was pushing buttons. She had to reach up on the table to get the phone and had pulled the charging station down with it. Such a smart little cookie.

I asked her to not smile, just look at me and I love it! Her eyes are open and she has such pretty skin and features! Not that her smile isn't gorgeous but she is in this funny phase with her smile that makes her eyes closed, or gives her surprised it can be goofy.

Mud Mountain Dam Annual Ward Picnic! This is the dam is pretty cool with it's history and being the largest dirt and rock dam ever built. Wish they had the lower observation deck open!

This dirt spot was a favorite for the babies. We finally gave up and let them play. We ended up being the last from the ward to was that nice of a day.

Parachute time! Alexis just warms my heart with how full of energy and excitement she is. Everything she does is with passion!

Tonight Alexis informed us that she doesn't want to be the child, she wants to be the dad because dad's don't do anything and children do everything. I may ask her what she thinks daddy does at work.
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Got my book signed by the authors! I love this cook book and that says a lot for my because I hate buying cook books, it stays on my counter!

These girls love their daddy!

A day at the park for a little play and a birthday with our friends!

Watching fireworks in Eatonville on the 3rd!

Some more daddy play time.
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Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge was a blast this year. Alexis was tall enough to go on everything but the tornado! We spoiled her rotten getting her a Paw Pass which allowed her to do a bunch of stuff. Megan loved, loved the water just as much as Alexis does. It was seriously great to have the big room with the 2 little kids. We put them in the bedrooms for bed and then watch tv and talked it up with my parents and brother who split the room with us. Alexis keeps asking if we can go back tomorrow, silly girl. We surprised her about where we were going. She thought we had to take daddy to his hotel for work, sweet girl had been counting the days until we would go and just didn't put the 2 together. she fell asleep during the 1 hour drive and when we woke her up she looked around and started screaming "Great Wolf Lodge!" To say she was excited is an understatement. She hoped out of the car when I went to check in before we could even say stay in the car. I just love when she is so excited that it bubbles out and causes her to jump up and down.

Alexis changed almost the second we hit our room!

See her arms are full of things the pass gives you.

one of her first times down the big slides!
(it is not a mistake that I am not in any of the pictures...I had a baby a year ago and am still not in great shape!)
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite thing today was putting Megan in the cart at the store, you know the ones with the car on front, and she looks up at me with the sweetest and purest smile of joy. She does it each time I use the car carts...totally makes up for how awkward they are. We went to Deep Lake today and used our 80+ degree day wisely. Alexis swam for pretty much 4 hours straight. She was using a baby floaty that you stick your feet in the holes and a life jacket and suddenly turned duck on me and flipped upside down in the water with her feet kicking wildly in the air. Just as I took my first step into the water to rescue her her feet slid free and she popped up. Scared me pretty good, though. Megan likes to play in the rocks and dirt, even eating them. I'm sure she has a few tiny ones rolling around in her tummy right now, hopefully they pass without trouble. We didn't get sunburned, only a bit pink on Alexis nose, but man is she dark after just a few days of sun. Sadly I left my camera in the car so I just have my memories of the day!

Megan has learned how to sign please for otter pops, make spit bubbles with her lips by slowly opening and closing her mouth and says Rudy when looking at the dog. It sounds like rue d, with the d being delayed and sounding really cute! She also puts the phone up to her ear and says hello.