Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite thing today was putting Megan in the cart at the store, you know the ones with the car on front, and she looks up at me with the sweetest and purest smile of joy. She does it each time I use the car carts...totally makes up for how awkward they are. We went to Deep Lake today and used our 80+ degree day wisely. Alexis swam for pretty much 4 hours straight. She was using a baby floaty that you stick your feet in the holes and a life jacket and suddenly turned duck on me and flipped upside down in the water with her feet kicking wildly in the air. Just as I took my first step into the water to rescue her her feet slid free and she popped up. Scared me pretty good, though. Megan likes to play in the rocks and dirt, even eating them. I'm sure she has a few tiny ones rolling around in her tummy right now, hopefully they pass without trouble. We didn't get sunburned, only a bit pink on Alexis nose, but man is she dark after just a few days of sun. Sadly I left my camera in the car so I just have my memories of the day!

Megan has learned how to sign please for otter pops, make spit bubbles with her lips by slowly opening and closing her mouth and says Rudy when looking at the dog. It sounds like rue d, with the d being delayed and sounding really cute! She also puts the phone up to her ear and says hello.

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Chastina said...

It always scares me when my kids do things like that in the water. Glad she was okay.