Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We went "camping" at Ensign ranch and stayed in a bunk house....I may never set a tent up again. It was so nice to be out of the dirt and have room to walk around indoors, especially for Megan. The other nice thing about the ranch is were our friends camped in tepees it was all grass. I think this is the cleanest we have ever stayed while camping! It was so warm and fun. Alexis rode a horse, slip and slide...they have a huge one built that is so fun, caught grasshoppers, played until she dropped, throw rocks and sticks and anything else into the lake and river. Megan walked around trying to keep up with the big kids and carried sticks and rocks to her hearts content. It was truly just what I need to regroup and relax. I came home with peace in my heart ready to pick up the job search again. I will post pictures soon of our fun weekend. We are already planning next years and will be staying at least one more night!

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Chastina said...

Nothing like some camping to refresh the body and soul.