Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on Green Peng. We found it. I was packing her lunch for day camp and opened her lunch box and there it was. She was so excited and wanted to take it with her. I convinced her to leave it home, lol. We said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for keeping penguin save and helping us find it.

p.s. I am relieved in another way...that toy cost $8 and it was kind of maddening to lose if after 36 hours. LOL.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I just have to make mention here that Alexis is still very afraid of loud noises. She has been petrified of the lawn mower, motor cycles and stuff like that. Lately it is moving into the vacuum, I vacuum everyday, she begs me to turn it off and won't get off the couch for anything. She never was afraid before. She is very afraid of thunder. Today while at church we had a major storm that came through and it was so close that it was shaking the church building. I peaked in the nursery window and she was glued to the teacher while the rest of the kids were looking out the window. She hasn't stopped talking about how scary it was. She is also afraid of bugs, spiders and worms. She held a worm once with gardening gloves on but most of the time she runs screaming spider and shakes. I told her that bugs are afraid of us because we are so big. She is afraid of horses so I told her that we are like horses to bugs. It didn't work though, lol. I sometimes think her fears are getting worse. She used to go in her room and just turn the light on, now she won't. I think that is why she comes into our room in the middle of the night, note to self get her a better night light. I have been turning her light off while she goes to sleep though. I don't want to force her to do things but I really hope she can find a happy medium soon.


We were having some fun with the webcam. She kept saying "take a picture now mom." It was fun.

Sam is baptized!

This is late but I still want Sam to know how pleased we are that he decided to get baptized.

Alexis also baptized her penguin that she got at the zoo the day before, dad had to reach carefully into the font to retrieve her. Silly girl was just remembering that at the zoo they were swimming. She also lost the penguin by the next day{we are all in mourning}, she has prayed that Jesus will help her find her penguin. Believe it or not she really does have faith that Jesus will find green peng. I pray that we will find it so that her faith will be strengthened. This is the only picture we have of green penguin, she is about 4 inches tall, bright green, has a diamond encrusted head, and is missed greatly. If seen there is a reward of 10 hugs and kisses from a very cute little girl.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flash back

Ignore the snot. Jenn just sent this to me. I believe this is Christmas of 2007. She loves her pj's!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Goal

Britt and I have set a new goal. It may seem like a long way off, but I will need it. We are going to run the Sound to Narrows in 2010. This event just happened this weekend so I have a full year to get ready. I am excited and nervous. Alexis won't quite be old enough to do the junior shuffle, but I am hoping that she will want to do it when she is 4. She is a natural runner and I want to encourage it. You may think to yourself all children like to run, which is true but not like Alexis. She would rather run along while other kids ride bikes. If we go for a walk she runs and tells us to run with her. I bet at her tender age of 2.75 years old she could run a mile without stopping. So that is my new goal, no not that Alexis will run a non-stop mile. I am not really sure yet how to start to train except the obvious! I have been riding my bike around pulling Alexis and it feels great to get out a work out so I will be increasing my distance on that too and maybe after the race next year I might think of a triathlon....I will decide later.

***I just found on the race site training and nutrition tips! Bonus.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Woodland Park Zoo was so much fun. All the way there Alexis kept asking to go see the animals. It is up by the University of Washington so quite the drive for us, but worth it. I was hoping to get there for the giraffe feeding at 10 so we left at 9. I didn't think we would make it so I didn't rush through Africa. We got around to them and they were still doing it and let Alexis and I go up, we were the last ones. The giraffes weren't really interested in the branches we held out so they gave us lettuce. The big one ate from Alexis and she was so excited{from the picture I look pretty excited too}. After every animal Alexis would say "lets go see other animals" and would head off. She would climb up on grandpa to see them and would jump and clap. She loved every animal except the birds. We went into the bird feeding room and within a minute or two a bird that was on the ground flew up right in Alexis face, still not sure if it touched her it was that close, she lost it. Poor girl was crying and shaking. We were able to keep her in there though. She would not feed them, but I don't think she will be too afraid of birds. She says her favorite thing was the elephant, but she spent the most time at the penguins. The new exhibit was cool, you can see them swimming under water. When we were in the gift shop she started grabbing penguins and hugging them really tight. So I got her a small one to match her penguin that she got from the hospital. She woke up this morning crying because she couldn't find it. We didn't have to bad of traffic coming home through Seattle{thank you carpool lane} but we did have traffic.....on 167. Thats right I know you are all shocked! haha. We then had a bbq with my family and talked about Sam's baptism which is tonight. He is really excited. It was a great day, just perfect{except that daddy wasn't with us}.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I wonder if she liked her lunch? She was running a fever and I was surprised she even ate. Eat she did, 2 plates full.

Just some pictures after her last day at school at the playground.

End of Preschool

Preschool graduation, I guess that is what it is called. Anyways it was a fun day for the kids they got to do the parachute and have a party. Miss Jessie made photo books for each child and a certificate saying how much they improved and what they did during the school term. Alexis gave her teacher a flower and a huge hug and kiss before we left. Whenever they did the parachute Alexis always stood by her teacher.

$5 toy

I bought Alexis a Barbie that came with a dog{that eats and poos}. She has been playing with it for 1.5 hours...heaven must be close to this. Well except for the washing machine running and the dishes waiting to be done. Anyways I snapped a few pictures of Barbie and Alexis.

Barbie trying to escape while being chased by her dog. Is playing with a 2.75 year that rough?
Failed escape attempt guess Barbie will have to keep playing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Catch up

We have been very busy, but not with the camera! Most of our time has consisted in yard work, house work, and playing in the back yard. This last winter both Britt and I have thought of moving this summer. We wanted a smaller yard and bigger house. As I sit in the yard and watch the kids play, run and swim I don't think I would be happy with a smaller yard. I know I want a bigger house though! So this might be our last year at this house{fingers crossed} but we will have to get a big house with a big yard. Ok so here are some pictures of what we have been doing.
Britt's new motorcycle.
She looks happy, but oh was she not. The second she got off she ran to the porch and would come back.
Britt and Alexis with Grandma Shirley at Great Grandpa Harold and Louise's grave.
Alexis cleaning it off.
Britt and Alexis with Great Grandma Marie at Grandpa Jesse's grave. All the flags represent his grandchildren.
On our way to the Cemetary with her baby flag. She left it at Grandma Marie's and was very upset.
Grandma and Grandpa came to "Grandparents Day" at Preschool.
Tea party. Serena in way our ward gave this to her. She loves it.
Playing Playdough with Ashlee.

Making a face at me to wake me up

Still sleeping, I don't even know when this was! I really was asleep {I guess I smile while sleeping}

Eating the giant strawberries!

Reluctantly wearing the dress I made for her. She likes it she just thought I was going to take her Tinkerbell pjs off.

Cathing Bubbles with her toes.