Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Woodland Park Zoo was so much fun. All the way there Alexis kept asking to go see the animals. It is up by the University of Washington so quite the drive for us, but worth it. I was hoping to get there for the giraffe feeding at 10 so we left at 9. I didn't think we would make it so I didn't rush through Africa. We got around to them and they were still doing it and let Alexis and I go up, we were the last ones. The giraffes weren't really interested in the branches we held out so they gave us lettuce. The big one ate from Alexis and she was so excited{from the picture I look pretty excited too}. After every animal Alexis would say "lets go see other animals" and would head off. She would climb up on grandpa to see them and would jump and clap. She loved every animal except the birds. We went into the bird feeding room and within a minute or two a bird that was on the ground flew up right in Alexis face, still not sure if it touched her it was that close, she lost it. Poor girl was crying and shaking. We were able to keep her in there though. She would not feed them, but I don't think she will be too afraid of birds. She says her favorite thing was the elephant, but she spent the most time at the penguins. The new exhibit was cool, you can see them swimming under water. When we were in the gift shop she started grabbing penguins and hugging them really tight. So I got her a small one to match her penguin that she got from the hospital. She woke up this morning crying because she couldn't find it. We didn't have to bad of traffic coming home through Seattle{thank you carpool lane} but we did have traffic.....on 167. Thats right I know you are all shocked! haha. We then had a bbq with my family and talked about Sam's baptism which is tonight. He is really excited. It was a great day, just perfect{except that daddy wasn't with us}.

2 lil' notes:

Horn Family said...

So cute!!!! Alexis looks like she had a good time. I saw how excited you were when the giraff came to eat! I would have had the same facial expression!! hahahahaha Wish we could have been there!!! Miss you all!!!!! Give our love to the family!!! : )

The Newmans said...

That zoo looks like fun. All we got is the good ol' Hogle Zoo. While it has made improvements over the years it still doesn't hold a candle to most zoos. My oldest is way excited about going to the San Diego zoo later this year.
I fed a giraffe once and I still remember that giant purple sandpaper tongue! Looks like Alexis had tons of fun!