Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Goal

Britt and I have set a new goal. It may seem like a long way off, but I will need it. We are going to run the Sound to Narrows in 2010. This event just happened this weekend so I have a full year to get ready. I am excited and nervous. Alexis won't quite be old enough to do the junior shuffle, but I am hoping that she will want to do it when she is 4. She is a natural runner and I want to encourage it. You may think to yourself all children like to run, which is true but not like Alexis. She would rather run along while other kids ride bikes. If we go for a walk she runs and tells us to run with her. I bet at her tender age of 2.75 years old she could run a mile without stopping. So that is my new goal, no not that Alexis will run a non-stop mile. I am not really sure yet how to start to train except the obvious! I have been riding my bike around pulling Alexis and it feels great to get out a work out so I will be increasing my distance on that too and maybe after the race next year I might think of a triathlon....I will decide later.

***I just found on the race site training and nutrition tips! Bonus.

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