Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Britt made me miss my show

Ha ha, this really isn't about any TV show but I kept teasing him through out the whole ordeal. He got home from work and starting on a little project that required him to cut the bottom off a plastic bottle(don't ask what that project was though). I cautioned him a few times in the past and more tonight that no matter how skilled he thinks he is, he should never cut towards himself. Well he threw caution to the wind tonight and was cutting towards his hand with a razor blade and it slipped and cut right through his skin between his thumb and first finger. He is funny because I hear him in the bathroom saying "oh no" and other things similar only really calm. I knew he had cut himself I just wasn't sure how bad. Then he says "Crystal grab the girl and lets go up to your parents." I asked him if I could see it and he didn't really want me to see, finally he let me see and I knew it would need stitches. So we called me parents to come and watch the girl(and becaue Britt didn't believe me and/or thought my dad could sew it up). My parents agreed that he need to get it stitched up so we took off. We had to go to South Hill to the same day clinic, the hospital would have really made me a crabby wife. The nurse and Doctor were really nice even though we came in 30 minutes before closing. He got 4 stitches and we were home just 2 hours after he cut himself! Not so bad for an emergency visit to the Docs. Here are the before and after pictures, Britt is making me put them on. In fact he wanted me to take pictures so I could put it on the blog...he is funny considering he never gets on here.

Here it is all sewn up.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Alexis saw the Ear Nose Throat doctor today. She said that Alexis has huge tonsils. On a scale of 1 to 4 hers are a 4. She doesn't want to do surgery without finding out if she is having sleep apnea. So she wants her to do the sleep study still and after that we will decided if the tonsil need to come out. She is under 3 so she would have to stay the night, the surgery will only be 15 minutes long. The big problem is that 1 in 100 kids have bleeding problems from having their tonsils out so that is why she doesn't want to just take them out if she isn't having problems besides the snoring. We have thought about getting a recorder and recording her sleeping to see if she has pauses in her breathing or gasps and if she does the doctor said that we can reconsider having them out before the sleep study, but I think we won't. I just don't want her to be down and sick during the holidays. She has to be able to trick or treat all the stores here in Bonney Lake and she must stuff herself with turkey, potatoes, jello and more on Thanksgiving! She just has to wake up all bright-eyed and full of excitement Christmas morning and tear through her presents and shriek with delight and then she has to stay up late and ring in the new year with sparkling cider! And she needs to be the happy girl that has no adverse effects from a surgery!

Fall into the Season

Alexis is cracking me, up yesterday she would go up to the fridge and say "how bout oder pop?" I told her no so she says "how bout cheese?" so now she says it for everything. She is just really funny saying sentences. Our food storage would be easy with this girl otter pops and string cheese and she would be good to go!
I just have to say that even though I have felt cold for the last week, I still love fall. It is really one of my most favorite times of the year. It hasn't really started the constant rain, the air is chilly, the leaves are changing and the excitement for the holiday season starts. I consider Halloween the first holiday of the season. I love seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes and I love having hot chocalate, and a hearty meal after trick or treating. It is just so much fun and really one of the last times the kids get to run wild through the streets before winter sets in and it is too wet and cold to play outside. I love the way the air smells when people start firing up their wood stoves...not me though because we don't have a fire place or a stove :(. I just love it, fall is here!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pin Cushion Crystal

Taking my blood is not a very good activity. I have never liked it, never been able to get myself to give blood, the most I have ever had taken was two vials. I had to get my blood taken for a series of fertility tests for cycle day 3 and it was no big deal... or so I thought. I left Alexis with Britt and drove over to Tacoma, much closer then Seattle or Bellevue, I thought they would take a vile or two but when I got back there she had a little basket with six vials in it. I thought no way those are all for me, sure enough they were. I was squeezing this little ball and about the 4th vial I was having a hard time squeezing it. I tried to lift my other arm up and it was hard to do and then my vision started to go blurry. I had to put my head between my knees for about 5 minutes before the passing out feeling left. The nurses where great and started to try and find food for me to eat, I think from their own lunches. I had to sit there for 20 minutes before I stopped shaking and they felt I could go home. I guess I have low blood pressure and so that is why that happened. It was really weird and affected me for the rest of the day. I felt weak and had a head ache my vision kept getting blurring too. I hope that the next blood draw at the end of the month will be less serious, I will bring someone with me though so I don't have to drive home just in case.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baseball game and more

Britt has been adopted by a baseball team for the Puyallup Parks and Rec. This is a guy that he knows through work and he calls Britt every Tuesday to get him to play and last night I decided to go with. Greg, Amy's husband, plays on another team and just happened to be who they play against last night. Payton came with his dad so Alexis hung out with him. While on the playground there were some other kids and Payton walked up to them and told them they couldn't hurt Alexis or he would tell on them. He made sure each boy had been told about his protection order over Alexis and then they played freeze tag. It was really sweet. Alexis would climb up the slide and then hold her hand out and say "help me" and one of the boys would help her up the rest of the way. She is already charming the boys!
Blake came and played with Alexis today and boy did they have fun. They ran through the sprinkler, played in the baby pool, swings and slides, and finally they got to go in the big pool. I actually got some reading done because Blake entertained Alexis so well.

I want

Alexis walks up to me just now and this is how she talked to me:

"I wan odr pop"
I look at her
She repeats "I wan odr pop, (shakes her head yes) mmmmhuh, yea"

I just laughed and she grabbed my hand and led me to the freezer to get her an otter pop. She loves them and wants one at least every 15 minutes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday the 15th

Today I finally became a pin cushion and a poking bag! We went to see a fertility doctor, Michael Soules of Seattle Reproductive Medicine to be exact. He asked us questions about our history and did an exam on me and an ultrasound. I have good ovaries with a good egg count, even my left one that is smaller because of the cyst. I was surprised to learn that whenever a person has had a chocolate cyst they are diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis. I thought my doctor had put me at a 2, but Dr. Soules say I am either a 3 or 4. He also said my Uterus lining is really thick and that is unusual. So He wants me to have a saline test to see if there is a pulyp or if something else is going on. The nice thing is because of the Endo all tests and exam are billed as medical and so our insurance has to cover them. Dr. Soules is one of the best doctor for infertility and endo so we are really hopeful. Britt also needs to go see the urologist again. Doctor thinks that he might really have varicocele. Kind of frustrating and makes me dislike Group Health even more since he already saw a urologist because we thought he might have this and that doctor said that he did have some thickness there but not to worry about it. Well I guess fertility doctors do worry about it and so maybe we will get that cleared up and things will go more smoothly for us. I am hopeful and feel like we could have another tax deduction for next year. Ha ha ha ok really we just want another baby cause they are so cute, fun and just make getting up everyday more worth it. Thank you Debbie for watching Alexis while we went to this appointment, even though you had 3 kids already to watch, we really appreciate it.
We had a fun family home evening last night. We spend a lot of time with the Koeller's in our ward. We really enjoy them and their kids and wanted to have them over. We rarely have people over to our house since it is the size of a shoe box so we like to have stuff outside. Our summer days are coming to an end so we decided we need to have a hot dog roast and hang out by a fire. The kids played and played and had so much fun that Blake didn't want to leave... he is going to come over on one of his days out of school to play. He is so cute and says he is going to marry Alexis, I keep thinking I need to take pictures of them playing so one day I can tease them! We ended up having Jenn and Ashlee, my parents and the Koeller's over for a fun evening and hope that we can do it again soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pulmonary Pedaitric doctor

Yesterday we drove up to Bellevue to Overlake Hospital, rode the elevator up to the 4th floor and entered the Children's department. It was decorated like a jungle and they had toys and a playstation. Alexis's room was in the lion section, she thought it was neat. Our Appointment was at 1:20 the Doctor didn't get into our room until 2:05...not so good for a toddler. So she asked us questions and then looked at Alexis. She was very concerned about her tonsils. She said that there was two things going on with her. The first thing is that she says her symptoms sound like asthma. She said that the coughing is the main symptom of asthma and so she gave us 2 inhalers, albuteral and flovent. She said that we should use the albuteral and then add the flovent if the cough is still uncontrolled, but if we start the flovent then we need to keep using it for 1 month or until the cold season is over. The reason is that the tissue in the lungs take longer to heal and so if she is getting cold after cold the lungs are staying swollen so the flovent will help with that. That is good since that is the problem we had last winter.

The second thing is a little bit more scary then the asthma. She said that her tonsils being as large as they are could be causing the snoring and they call that obstructive sleep apnea. So that could be causing her to not sleep well and could be why she can be such a grump. So we are getting a sleep study done, but that appointment isn't until December 23. They only have four sleep rooms and so they are always booked a few months out. She is also going to see an ENT doctor on the 26th. Our doctor said that the ENT may decide without the sleep study that the tonsils are indeed a problem and that they need to be removed. He may also want to want until after the sleep study to get the results. I am not sure which I would prefer; I don't want her to have surgery and I want her to be a happier girl that isn't having her breathing stopped while she sleeps. So that is the results of this visit; not sure how much it will cost since it was a specialist, but so glad we got new insurance. I have my appointment next week so this is the year of high priced health! Oh well you do what you got to do.

I am so glad that Britt went with me, because Alexis lost it half way though the appointment. So he was able to take her out to the lobby with all the toys and I was able to get all the info from the doctor. On appointments like this it really is a good idea to have help.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Puyallup Thing

The Puyallup Fair opened today and like all the other crazy people here we headed down to get in free. Only on opening day and only from 10 until 12 in the morning. Parking is crazy the streets are so clogged with cars and pedestrians that an aneurysm feels emanate. It is fun though and the price is right. Alexis got to ride a ride this year, even though she was about 3 inches too short. The only ride she wanted to ride was the swings; of course it is the only ride that has no seat belt or buckle of any kind. So we put her on thinking that she would stand up before the ride started and therefore get kicked off, she didn't. She sat there so good and held onto the bar really tight and just looked around. When the ride started she looked a bit nervous and I was sure she was going to try and stand up, but before she got back around to us she was screaming with delight. She has the cutest ride scream and she loved it. We had to prey her out of the seat and distract her with a ride on the train. On the train she tried to scream her ride scream, which had Britt and I both laughing. She waved bye bye to everyone and was just tickled pink at all the fun stuff there was to see. We toyed with the idea of having her do mutton bustin, but decided next year would be better, we still want her to like sheep. She was scared to tears of the cows and wasn't very happy at the dogs during the K9 unit demo. She would scream "No, Mine" at the dogs so we took her away before she caused a problem. Britt had already left to take Zach Koeller to the Mariner's game so I hung out with my parents. We looked at hot tubs and Amerikraft cookware, the paintings, pictures, and art work from all the contests. Then decided to go back and let Alexis use her last 4 ride tickets up. I asked her if she wanted to go on the swings and she said yes and started running....in the wrong direction. She was so giddy about it that her feet said run we can get there faster, it was funny. When we got there no kids were in line and an attendant asked if she was tall enough well lucky for us the attendant that was there earlier said that she was fine and had already been on; otherwise I don't think he would have let her on. So I went in to put her on the swing and they asked if I wanted to go with her. So I hooped in and up we went, and when the ride was done they asked us if we wanted to go again since no kids were waiting. So away we went again, at the end of that turn I went to get her out and they said she could stay and ride again...she was on cloud 9. I had to bribe her out of the seat with cotton candy and the ride attended didn't help any by saying she could keep riding. She called Alexis her little rider, next year Alexis will get a dizzy pass and ride the swings until she is well dizzy. It was a good day and my feet ache and I am worn out, but we did the Puyallup! I have no pictures because I forgot my camera, sad. Oh and my cat is doing much better, he is moving around and eating, still limping though.

A crazy day

It is almost finished, the tile that is. We bought tile for our entry way 1 year ago and it has been sitting it a box ever since. Well today I went to Home Depot to buy some paint and thought what the hay I will get the stuff and get to work. It was a big job for only a 16 square foot area. We had to cut molding, sharpen chisels, cut carpet 4 times, lay the tile out 5 times and then mix the mortar. We didn't start laying tile until 10pm. Just finished the clean up so that nothing sharp was gonna get my girl tomorrow. She was an angel by the way, barely knew she was home, except when she wanted to sit on my lap....a lot. Britt is crashed on the couch and I am blogging.

Sad news though about Jinx our cat. He has been going outside a lot more lately with out his harness and leash and today he got attacked. I already hate the dogs next door because they howl and whine all day and night, they get out and scare us and now they attacked my cat. Britt and my dad think I am silly saying that those dogs are too dangerous because they attacked my cat. They say all dogs are like that, but really I don't like mean dogs living next door. I am really upset and think they may have really hurt his leg maybe broke it. My dad and I heard the dog and my poor de-clawed cat and then heard the neighbor yell at her dog to let the cat go. By the time I got out there Jinx was already in my yard and hissing and growling at Rudy and I. I got him in the house and put him in my room because he was not dealing well with our dog. When I let him out he was limping but walking. I left and he came out and got on the rocking chair and then I moved him on my bed so Alexis wouldn't hurt him. He stayed there for 6 hours and then I moved him to a pillow on the floor so he wouldn't have to jump around. He did move when I vacuumed. He will move it if I touch it and he is purring when I pet him. I did get him to drink some water too. I just don't know what to do, I really don't want him to suffer if it is broken. I also can't pay a $500 vet bill. I am just sitting her crying, over a cat, but he is my baby. We have had him for 5 years and he is the best cat ever. So I am waiting to see how he is tomorrow, I am hoping that he is just really sore and just not wanting to do too much.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think this wraps it up

Kaydin and Alexis running around Alexis really liked going in and out of the tent

Britt taking Alexis on a boat ride to get wood Alexis shooting a gun for the first time

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Alder Lake Pictures

Alexis had a bad Potty training day so I had to take a brake in posting pictures!
Our lagoon where we parked our boats The Pine's on their boat

Did I mention that she loved the boat??? When she saw these pictures she said "cheeese"!

It was a great trip, I have more pictures my computer is slow tonight so keep checking back!
View from our tent Alexis showing off!

The girls picking berries Courtney showing Alexis how to ride sticks
Going for a ride in the boat
Here are some pictures of our camping trip! It was great, beautiful and well need get away!

Seagull target

Look at that lip! I wish I could get her to let me curl her hair again!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alder Lake

We had a great weekend at the lake with the Pines. We got up there around 5pm and got our boats in the water and headed off across the lake. It was beautiful; the lake is emerald green and clear. When we got to the camp site we climbed up the hill and just took it all in, I loved the view. We started setting up the tent and it started sprinkling, so we hurried and got our stuff out of the boats and got camp set up. The kids were running everywhere and having fun even with the rain. We built a great fire and roasted marshmallows after the kiddos were in bed…he he what they won't know won't hurt them. While sitting around the fire we heard a strange noise and still are wondering if it wasn't bobcat cubs or something. The next morning was a bit chilly but we still had fun. Kirstin, Shiree, Britt and I decided to jump off the cliff into the lake. I was scared but I did it! As I was falling I keep wondering how much further until I hit the water because it doesn't look that far. I did close my eyes until I got under water. It was cool looking up while under water. We went on a boat ride around the lake and Alexis loved it, she just smiled the whole time. Britt even took her out alone and I took a picture, she is just so relaxed. That night around the fire we heard an owl and it just keep hooting, the kids thought that was really neat. Monday we went to the other end of the lake, it is huge. The guys went fishing and caught a kokanee salmon; I don't know how they are spelled. We packed up and got home around 7:30pm. Alexis and Kaydin played until we put them to bed, they were so very cute. We caught them a few times out at the cliff counting 1, 2, 3, 4…I wonder if they would have really jumped if we hadn't made them come back? Anyways they had their life jackets on for most up the trip just in case they wandered and got in the water since it was so deep and it was not gradual either. We will be going back to this lake…we just need to get a boat of our own for next summer. The lake was warmer then most around here too, we would have let the kids swim but with the wind we were shivering violently just trying to get to the fire. Once by the fire, we had it roaring, we were fine. So Alder lake camping might just become a family tradition. Thanks Keven and Shiree for a fun weekend.