Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who invented these?

I have decided that people with out kids designed the little bike I have for Alexis. It has a great theory though, child sits on seat and puts feet up on pegs and parent pushes them with a handle. Ok now you are all probably wondering what is wrong with that…all the steering control is in the child's hands. It was a great walk for her though, she didn't scream because she wanted to walk. I didn't' go the full distance either. It was torture the whole way around the block. She would turn the handles in the direction she looked and so I had to keep it from jolting sideways. I will be looking for a new bike at garage sales in the next few weeks. Ok well I need to go and make dinner.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Will it ever end

I just can't believe how things have been going for me. I took my car in yesterday to get the estimate and the guy was really great and super helpful. He said he can start on in it today as soon as the insurance guy came out. He called Hertz to get me a car and they came and picked me up and took me back to do the paper work. They needed my drivers license and a credit card.....ummm does anyone know what the problem with this request is? Ding, ding, ding I don't have any cards because I had to cancel them on Friday. Yeah, so Alexis and I are sitting at the car rental place 30 minutes from home with no way to get there and no way to rent a car. Ahhhh, but I also have great parents(you know the ones that would do anything for you), My mom drove out so I could use her card. I really appreciate her driving their giant truck, almost getting in an accident and letting us use their credit card. So we have a rental and all is good.

I was able to go to the temple today though. It was great and just what I needed. It was so sweet to see Ashley and her fiance Bucky in the temple. He seems like a good guy and I am really happy for Ashley. I am excited to go to their sealing, maybe Britt and I can go do a session before the sealing, that would be really nice. Britt and I are going to start going to the temple once a month, so if anyone wants to babysit Alexis for us we will be passing a sign up sheet around! Haha just kidding wouldn't that me great though.

Alexis woke up at 5:30AM today....snore...I am so tired. Cute girl snuggled with me for awhile and then she went out into the family room and got her shoes and insisted on me putting them on her. She then brought my shoes. Silly girl. She has been asleep since 8:00PM! Yeah for mommy free time.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wii and Sunday

Last night Kate, Chad and Mallori came over and we had a Wii party! It was alot of fun(we just need to get 2 more controllers so we can all play at the same time) we had the exersaucer out for Mallori and we didn't put it away. Well Alexis has spent a good part of the day in it. She climbs in and sits there watching daddy play Wii, coping him and just cracking us up. She could be running around and playing but nope.
Britt fell asleep last night in the middle of a game. It was funny. Alexis said her first bad word today...Britt was playing and lost and said suck and she copied him. Ok so not that bad of a word, but not a cupcake word either. They have been giving each other high fives and kisses all night. She is sitting on his lap eating popcorn and wearing her bib like this. Just so you all know this is the most fashionable way to wear a bib...all babies will be wearing them like this for the summer season.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday the 25th is bad luck

I have just been have bad luck today. First I lost my wallet; I was on my way to get a new license and decided to stop and check Fred Meyer one more time. Well they had it, yeah even though I already canceled my cards and checks. I need to get milk and so we went to Safeway. We got milk and I thought that my day was starting to go better....haha....better think again. As we were leaving this guy decided to start backing up to get to a parking space he had passed. I stopped and we thought for sure he would too; tried to put into reverse and honked the horn, nope he didn't. He crunched my car hard and was actually stuck to me for a second. Well he got out and was trying to say I ran into him. Well he got his insurance card out and I started writing the info down and my dad asked for his address, since he had a PO box and phone #, he didn't know his number. He tried looking on his cell phone and couldn't find it, here is where it gets interesting, he hands the phone to my dad and says"I can't find it can you?" well that is when we smelled the booze. So we called the police. He tried to tell them that we hit him...good thing police don't believe drunk drivers. So his wife shows up and tries to say she was in the car...hello is anyone home? She got there after the police and walked up from behind our cars(there is no stores behind us). Anyways the police don't believe her, my dad made sure of that. So they hand cuff him, search him and put him in the back of the car; he only had one beer! Yeah right, he was drunk and that would explain why he never looked behind him while backing up. So anyways we got home and I started making calls. Before 6 o'clock his insurance had called and taken responsibility and I now get to start the fun process of getting my car fixed. Oh yeah the guy went to jail. Fun, fun and some more fun for me today. I am just glad Alexis was at home with Grandma Martin because that would have made it way more difficult. I just hope that nothing else happens today because I don't think I could handle anymore!

This is from the side and this one shows his car and where he moved his car to; this was his intended target parking space, why he backed up as far only the beer knows.

Front view, so much damage for a parking lot accident!

Say good bye Red Clutch

I lost my pretty red clutch yesterday. Alexis and I went to Fred Meyer to buy daddy a Mariner's hat for the game. When we saw that they were $16 Britt said not to get one so we left. I am not sure if I left it in the cart inside or if it fell out in the parking lot, due to Alexis throwing a huge fit about getting in her car seat. Anyways I didn't think about it until I went to go buy milk today and couldn't find it. When I called Freddy's the lady said no wallet had been turned in...she wasn't very nice either. I called and canceled my credit card, debit card, checks and sadly my temple recommend. I also put a fraud alert on my credit report. No charges have been made yet thankfully. Please help me pray that my wallet will get returned and that maybe with any luck my birthday present from Jenn(Jamba Juice Gift Card) will still be there plus the $2.00 I had. Well my dad is driving me down to get a new wallet so gotta go. :(

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Week

Some other things we have been up to this week are wearing our silly bug headband, eating fruit by the foot, watching a movie, getting tickled by Aunt Kate, and hanging with my cousins who came over to play our Wii.

Dog & Cat teaming up

On Monday we decide to go and get ice cream and candy bars to make blizzards, so we hurried up and left. When we got home there was little bits of orange stuff on the floor and a sponge looking thing. I picked it up and knew instantly that it was cheese. For dinner I had just opened up a new 2 pound block of cheese and shredded some and then left it out while we ran to the store(I usually put it back right away). So the best we can figure, because Rudy isn't tall enough to get something like that down, the cat must have knocked it off(it was standing on its end). So Rudy having scored a block of cheese with no humans to say no did what any dog would do, eat it. I am shocked he didn't throw up...this is the how much he ate. Well gotta go buy more cheese.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wii are in

Wii bought one. It is fun, I am totally un-coordinated and get beat at everything though. I still love it and after 5 games of tennis I am sore this morning! I hope Britt is sore since he played a lot more then me! So now we just need to get some games. I have wanted one since I played in January and now I got it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Well well

I guess I should have grown up with my parents!

You Belong in 1958

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

This surprised me!

You Are Aurora! (A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty.)
Image hosted by

Thoughtful and loving. Authority figures probably have been sheltering you all of your life. Thankfully you're a very tranquil person who is content with what life has given you, but secretly you want to know how the outside world works.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Puyallup Spring Fair

We picked a great day to go to the fair since it is snowing today! The kids had a blast, I went with my sister and her two kiddos! They had projects for the kids to do. They made bug headbands, A little paper plate hat, two bookmarks, planted a pumpkin, made potato head guys, noise shakers and got their faces painted for free. They also got to see the reptile guy and touched a snake, Alexis was squeezing it(yuck) and we could have gotten their pictures with a 4 foot crocodile...we choose not too. We saw horses that dance and pygmy goats. Alexis loved the goats and would say "hi baby" to the baby ones it was so cute. We saw the pig races and ate corn dogs. It was a lot of fun and gets us excited for the summer and the fall fair!
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not an announcement

I love the name Cami for a girl and well I like the name a lot. Too bad there aren't any prospects for using it in our family right now. I don't know why I posted this but hey whatever it is my blog. Camille means Perfect in French! So if we did have a girl that would be a perfect name! I also like Hazel for a girl I just think it is cute. Hehe now if I could just get Britt to give up on the name Preston(yuck). The name itself is not bad i just don't think it fits with our family. ok so anyways gotta go to the Spring Fair!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rocky Sleeping

Sad, tonight Alexis was a little stinker. She was crying a lot and I knew it was from getting woke up during nap. Our neighbor has all these dogs that are not friendly and the pit bull was out and coming up on our porch and barking at me through the window, so I called 911. Before anyone gets mad because I called 911 in a non-life threatening situation, the animal control web-site for Pierce County says to. Ok so they called animal control for me and then animal control was able to call the owner, last week their wolf dog got out, and that is how come they had the owner's number. So anyways this story is getting way off track, the neighbor was hammering boards on the fence and woke her up and that left her tired. When I put her to bed she did her normal protest cry and then calmed down, we thought she had finally gone to sleep. Soon after that I heard her give this unsual cry and she was calling dad, I told Britt I think she is scared and he said no she is fine just trying to get us to come and get her out of bed. Well he ran off to do a geo cache that just posted and I went to check on her. I opened the door and Jinx ran out...yeah he scared her. She was laying in her crib awake, poor thing, so I rocked her and brought her out while I watched the Biggest Loser Finale. So from now on I will be going in when I hear that cry.

Van Gogh, Picasso and Bergman

Introducing for the first time Alexis Bergman Master Artist:

I finally let her finger paint. I have been putting it off because well it can be really messy. So I got out the paint, sure it was dried up and I had to add water and mix it, I taped her paper down and let her go. She really didn't want to get messy, would only put her finger in and when I put her hand in the paint she would give a funny look and go back to using one finger. Anyways she had fun so now I am going to buy new paint and let her do it more often. I am going to buy some more puzzles because she is good at them. Learning is so much fun, her favorite letter is O right now. When we sing the alphabet she says O alot. She loves Ring around the Rosie and will turn around in a circle as a sing it. She can make the animal sound for 8 animals dog, cat, owl, wolf, bear(that goes for any animal that growls too), cow, sheep and chicken. She can suck on her toes(current activity) and loves babies. She says pink, blue, and brown too. I love her!She can do tricks too just look at the walk with a cup between you legs and Just look at the bracelet on your nose trick! Caution don't try these at home, done by a professional on a closed course. We didn't show her these she made them up on her own.

Birthday Parties and a Parade

What a great day! It was warm(hit 76 at my house) and sunny and fun! We woke up and headed outside first thing and started doing yard work. Alexis was so excited to be outside and just play, I cleaned off the porch and set the table and chairs up and Britt started weed wacking and mowed the grass. I had cleaned out the garage on Friday and found my roller blades and went blading. Alexis thought it was very cool to be going so fast, hmmmm I think I will go blading after this post. Ok, back to my day, when we got back Steph and her family where here. We got cleaned up and headed to Evana Schaub's 1st Birthday party. It was great seeing our friends that we don't see as much as we want because we have kiddos that keep us busy.
After the party we went to the Daffodile Parade. This is a big parade here because it is only in Pierce County and comes to 4 different cities.
We hit Orting and the kids had fun, but we left early to go to our second birthday party. Before we left the pirate ship, this a very popular float here, was shooting it's cannon and 4 entries behind was horses. Ok does anyone know what happens when horse get spooked in a parade? Well the lead horse was so close to trampling people, I mean it was scary because all along the road are cute little kids. We were nervous when they passed us and started to get up to grab children, it was seriously 16 inches from stepping on a kid. I started taking pictures of it, it was that spooked. We came back to our house to celebrate Britt, my Dad and Ben's birthday since they all fall in the same week. We had Ribs, Baked Potatoes and German Chocolate Cake with ice cream. We had a fire and even roasted some Marshmellows. It was a great day and I really hope that we get more nice days soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sick from raisins

Ok so poor girl has the diarrhea thing bad, so raisins are going to be limited to small amounts from here on out.

Oh my oh my

Well I missed the most perfect not cleaning a stinky diaper up yesterday so I vowed that if I saw her start to act like she was gonna fill her pants i would try her out on the potty. Well just now she started to push so I said hey lets go on the potty and rushed her in there. She sat on the potty for about 30 seconds and tried to get up, I sat her back down and she went #2. I started clamping and telling her she is such a big girl. When she stood up she looked in and got excited, I gave her a orange Hershey Kiss, her favorite. I am so excited, I know she is not really ready to go in by herself and all but hey every bit that doesn't go in her diaper helps. I just hope that we can move forward from here; maybe she will take to it really well!

50 Degrees Warmer Part 3

The exciting conclusion of our Mexican vacation starts on Sunday. Now when we booked this trip the thought of it being conference weekend never entered my mind. Not only that but until the Sunday before we left I didn't think of it, so going to conference was a challenge. They do have one room setup for English speaking, that is how Britt watched the Priesthood session the night before. So the plan was to go to the 10 o'clock session and watch, then I realized that my sweet adorable girl is a completely different when she is asked to sit and be reverent. So Britt went and we stayed at the hotel, I will admit that I felt guilty the whole time and I feel like I really missed out. So I won't plan a vacation that prevents me from watching conference again. Usually our vacation goes by so fast and I am sad when we get to the last day but not this time. We felt like we had an extra day for some reason.

Sunday 8 AM We woke up and made the decision that Britt should go without us to conference. So he ate, showered and ran to catch the bus. Weird to have to catch a bus to go to church, but it was way to far to walk, three times as far as we have ever walked when we are there. Ok so the girl and I just went for a walk by the ocean while he was gone and then we did whatever Britt wanted since it was his birthday. We just sat in the pool and played in the ocean. Now Alexis is no longer afraid of the ocean. She was counting one, two, three go and running in, she was playing so cute and then this: Video to come soon

So anyways we went to Ernie's Tomato for dinner and had awesome food. We also went and found a Geo cache that was across the street from our hotel. After that we went back to the hotel and put Alexis to bed and then talked, I crashed and Britt watch TV until 1:30. Alexis then decided that sleeping is for the birds and woke up at 3AM she didn't go back to sleep until 4 something. She even tried to get me to wrestle her like daddy does. I finally got her to go to sleep though.

Monday 7AM Why is she awake so early after such and crazy night. Well we finished up our packing and where down in the lobby waiting for our shuttle at 9:30. We got to the airport and got checked in; in Mexico they hand search all bags even check in. So while we waited to board the plane Alexis wondered the terminal. She found a girl who had a rolling bag and kept wanting to pull it around(of course we wouldn't let her and she cried). When we got on the plane she was asleep by take off! Yeah and she slept the entire flight until we got to LA. Now here is the sad story there was a medical emergency on the plane and so things where crazy getting of the plane and we left 101 Dalmatians on board. I will give you a second to dry your eyes over this tragedy. It really is sad because it is Alexis favorite movie. So anyways, we cleared customs and did the LA airport mess. While waiting to board our plane Alexis walked around and around. This flight was the nightmare, I thought we were getting by way too easy, Alexis had already filled her diaper on the first flight so I thought we were on easy street, hahaha she laughs. Diarrhea strikes and well it leaks onto my pants. Yuck, yuck, yucky good thing the plane had a changing table. So I think she had a major stomach ache because when I was done changing her she screamed for 15 minutes. We finally got her to calm down with a video but she would not wear the head phones so we turned it down low and hoped people would rather hear the movie instead of a screaming child. Apparently we were right because nobody complained. So we made it to Seattle...i know 15 minutes doesn't make it a horrible flight but remember I now have yucky pants(I recommend not only bringing a spare shirt but a whole outfit for mom and baby). Jenn came and got us from the airport and we hit McDonald's on the way home, I was starving. When we got home Shirley, Britt's mom, had our house all clean and a slice of cake with candles on waiting for Britt. Everything went good except for a minor run in with our alarm system. Alexis had fallen asleep on the way home and stayed asleep until 7 the next morning.
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Recipe of the day

Ok all you organic and earth savy ladies I just bought a book that has 702 ways to save money and the Earth and recipes for everything homemade. I am going to start post these on my recipe blog I am not going to promise that I will try everyone first and I may not get a chance to put one up everyday but I will try. Also if you want to be able to post recipes of your own there get me your email and I will invite you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

50 Degrees Warmer Part 2

When I left off last night we had just crashed from our Wednesday adventures so next on our Mexico Vacation is Thursday! I forgot that on Tuesday Alexis went to go out on the balcony and since that whole wall is windows with the slider in the middle well she ran into the window it was funny, she didn't think so and gave me a mean look for laughing at her. So funny though!

Thursday 6AM: Are you seeing a trend to our time schedule yet? Today was a full day in the pool. My dad hung out with us while my mom and Roy and Jenny went downtown to shop till they drop! Alexis was so tired by 11 that she fell asleep after chowing on guacamole! So we laid her on a chair under an umbrella and swam in the pool by her. It was so relaxing to just sit in the pool and chat. When the shoppers got back they jumped in the pool and relaxed for awhile then we all ate at Cilantros, they have really yummy Pablano soup. Alexis was being a bear again so Britt took her back to the room and I brought dinner to them. She is now sleeping in Britt's bed because we are hoping she sleeps in a bit longer!

Friday 8AM It worked she slept in a bit longer and since we are a bit red we decide to spend the morning in our room and just chill. It was nice to have some time to just relax. We did hang out on the balcony and Alexis watched her favorite Disney movie "101 Dalmatian's" She is really cute when she dances to it. After lunch we decide to go shopping at some of the little stores by the hotel...we walked a lot further then we thought! We got her more arm floats since one popped and hats for Britt and I, our heads were getting fried. When we got back my parents, Huntington's and Cox's where back from Stone Island so we all went swimming. It felt really good after walking in the sun for so long. We decided to try going to dinner earlier tonight so we left the hotel at like 5:30. We went to the Panama, the thing about this restaurant is that it is a favorite with the locals. It isn't too expensive and the food is good. They make wonderful desserts, pastries and cakes, I wanted to get Britt a cake for his birthday here but he didn't want cake so I am going to surprise him when we get home with one! Anyways as you can tell Alexis and I spent some time waiting for everyone to finish because she just couldn't sit anymore. Rita, Jenny and my mom also spent a lot of time walking with her at every restaurant we went to and I am really grateful to have had them there to help. We walked to shop a bit and I finally convinced Britt to get a new wallet it was only $10 and nice leather. His old one had chew marks in it from Rudy 4 years ago! We caught a bus home and then went to the Cox's room to watch a movie. I don't know what the movie was and only got see 20 minutes of it because Alexis needed her diaper changed. I was asleep the second I laid down again.

I bought her this cute dress on the beach...She loved the fish. You can see this from our room and she would point down and say fish. She was talking so much on this trip she tried to count to three and would repeat our words it was great. She is such a tan girl right now and believe me I caked the sunblock on and she wore a sun shirt for most of the day...funny I don't have any pictures of it though(I was in the pool having fun).
Saturday 6AM sleeping in Britt's bed did not help, if you are wondering why I say Britt's bed it is because they have full beds in the rooms and so it is more comfortable to sleep in separate beds. We are up and decide to go out to my parents hotel for the day. The Cox's brought over their left over food and then left for home. Before we went to the other hotel we made candles at our hotel. They are gel and it was fun. Emerald Bay was packed this year(kind of glad we were at the other hotel) Alexis passed out on the shuttle so she slept on a pool chair again! We spent more time in the pool here and Alexis again just wanted to be in the hot tub, the pools were heated so not sure why she liked the hot tub so much but whatever. Britt went to the Priesthood session of Conference and my parents and Huntington's went to the fiesta, so Alexis and I were on our own for dinner. We started out walking down the street and I walked probably 1.5 miles and then decided to catch the bus. We went to Gee Gee's and had fajitas again. By the time we got back Britt was back and he ate the dinner I brought for him. It was a busy day and we feel asleep easily(I found that rocking Alexis on the balcony works the best because of the ocean sounds).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

50 Degrees Warmer Part 1

We have spent the past 8 days in much warmer weather then we have here. Mazatlan, Mexico had a wonderful temperature of 87 almost the entire time we were there. So here is the run down on our trip:
Monday 3:00 AM- Alarm goes off and while I am excited I don't want to get up. But up I get and then we are off to the airport for our 6:30 flight. Alexis ran the terminal until we boarded the plane and then fell into a blissful quiet sleep and slept until we got into LA. By the way I hate LA, it is dirty, smelly and well just stupid. So we let the girl run around LA airport until we board the plane and by run I mean up the stairs down the escalator and up and down everything until I changed her diaper and rushed on the plane. She was happy and gave us no trouble at all on the second flight. It was super cute because when we took off and landed she would start waving I think she was a bit afraid but coped really well. She was pretty good getting through customs too. She fell asleep on the bus to the hotel and then she was introduced to sand. She hates it. I mean it she screams when it touches her toes(back ground to the dirty feet thing, she will take her shoes and socks off if she feels some lint in between her toes) she also hates the ocean. What do you do? You take her to the pool. Of course she won't walk on the tiles that surround the pool either. She liked her feet swirled in it though. We could only swirl though because we had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes to get our room. Once we finally got into our room we quickly changed and headed to the pool(Britt and Alexis did, I stayed and unpacked). She had so much fun in the pool and due to the long day we were all asleep by 9PM. As I sat by the pool and looked out at the ocean I was awestruck by the seemingly never ending expanse, beautiful. I loved looking out from our room as the sun set as the whole world seemed to turn orange, pink and red. Heavenly Father is truly a master artist.

Tuesday: 7 AM Alexis woke up and we went to check out the ocean again because it was too early to hit the pool. She still didn't like the sand or the ocean but liked finding shells. We meet the Cox's, Huntington's and my parents for breakfast where Alexis ate a whole omelet and fruit. I was surprised because she usually won't eat the eggs if they have the yolk in them. Britt, Alexis and my dad stayed at the hotel while the rest of us went to the grocery store. They have a new one there and it is big and clean! This store is cool; when you walk in and grab a cart and push it on the escalator. They have grooves in the wheels that catch so it doesn't roll. Haha look at the tourist with her camera bag on her hip and taking pictures in a store! When we got back Alexis was napping and so I went for a swim and painted her a piggy bank. We have discovered that after 7 Alexis can not be expected to sit through a meal without screaming and wanting down to roam, but the restaurant helped us out with having a show that captured her attention. After the show people were dancing and so was Alexis it was so cute and everyone thought it was better then the official show. They said that they should keep her for their show. I really wish we would have brought the video camera with because as you looked around the room everyone was watching her.
We were in bed by 9:30. I am beginning to think that we are going to have some rest and relaxing on this trip, even if it is because we crash before party starts!

Wednesday 7AM Alexis is still asleep although she is in bed with me. She slept until 8:30 and of course I couldn't. We tried the ocean again and just walked up the beach for awhile and as we were walking back she suddenly stop whimpering...oh yes she started doing this fake cry that is her inhaling and making a whimper noise every 10 seconds. She actually let the ocean touch her!!! the only reason she let it touch her though was because of a boy. Us girls will do anything if we are scared to death to get the attention of a boy. The story is we met this family on the beach Tuesday and there son is 1 month older then Alexis and they are from Auburn. What are the chances...they are pretty good considering more then 90% of the people we talked to where from Washington. Ok so he was loving to ocean (a month can make such a difference in courage)and we told Alexis to go play with him. So she ran out there even though with every wave she cried and ran away from the water. It was so funny, but she kept at it and eventually was playing with out the crying.

Look close she is crying in some and then happy again and this was the exact order the pictures were taken in. She still hates the loose sand and wanted to go get in the hot tub. I am not kidding she would have stayed in the hot tub the whole trip if we would have let her. We tried eating at the restaurant at the hotel but the pool party and all the music had Alexis capture and she wouldn't sit, we got our food to go and went and ate on our balcony. Then just as she was going to sleep the fireworks started...didn't wake her though, I guess playing in the ocean and pool can really tucker you out. I was asleep the second I laid down.