Friday, April 25, 2008

Say good bye Red Clutch

I lost my pretty red clutch yesterday. Alexis and I went to Fred Meyer to buy daddy a Mariner's hat for the game. When we saw that they were $16 Britt said not to get one so we left. I am not sure if I left it in the cart inside or if it fell out in the parking lot, due to Alexis throwing a huge fit about getting in her car seat. Anyways I didn't think about it until I went to go buy milk today and couldn't find it. When I called Freddy's the lady said no wallet had been turned in...she wasn't very nice either. I called and canceled my credit card, debit card, checks and sadly my temple recommend. I also put a fraud alert on my credit report. No charges have been made yet thankfully. Please help me pray that my wallet will get returned and that maybe with any luck my birthday present from Jenn(Jamba Juice Gift Card) will still be there plus the $2.00 I had. Well my dad is driving me down to get a new wallet so gotta go. :(

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Jenn said...

Yea! The red clutch was found now! We would have had to go get another one!!! I remember when we got that! LOL.