Wednesday, April 9, 2008

50 Degrees Warmer Part 2

When I left off last night we had just crashed from our Wednesday adventures so next on our Mexico Vacation is Thursday! I forgot that on Tuesday Alexis went to go out on the balcony and since that whole wall is windows with the slider in the middle well she ran into the window it was funny, she didn't think so and gave me a mean look for laughing at her. So funny though!

Thursday 6AM: Are you seeing a trend to our time schedule yet? Today was a full day in the pool. My dad hung out with us while my mom and Roy and Jenny went downtown to shop till they drop! Alexis was so tired by 11 that she fell asleep after chowing on guacamole! So we laid her on a chair under an umbrella and swam in the pool by her. It was so relaxing to just sit in the pool and chat. When the shoppers got back they jumped in the pool and relaxed for awhile then we all ate at Cilantros, they have really yummy Pablano soup. Alexis was being a bear again so Britt took her back to the room and I brought dinner to them. She is now sleeping in Britt's bed because we are hoping she sleeps in a bit longer!

Friday 8AM It worked she slept in a bit longer and since we are a bit red we decide to spend the morning in our room and just chill. It was nice to have some time to just relax. We did hang out on the balcony and Alexis watched her favorite Disney movie "101 Dalmatian's" She is really cute when she dances to it. After lunch we decide to go shopping at some of the little stores by the hotel...we walked a lot further then we thought! We got her more arm floats since one popped and hats for Britt and I, our heads were getting fried. When we got back my parents, Huntington's and Cox's where back from Stone Island so we all went swimming. It felt really good after walking in the sun for so long. We decided to try going to dinner earlier tonight so we left the hotel at like 5:30. We went to the Panama, the thing about this restaurant is that it is a favorite with the locals. It isn't too expensive and the food is good. They make wonderful desserts, pastries and cakes, I wanted to get Britt a cake for his birthday here but he didn't want cake so I am going to surprise him when we get home with one! Anyways as you can tell Alexis and I spent some time waiting for everyone to finish because she just couldn't sit anymore. Rita, Jenny and my mom also spent a lot of time walking with her at every restaurant we went to and I am really grateful to have had them there to help. We walked to shop a bit and I finally convinced Britt to get a new wallet it was only $10 and nice leather. His old one had chew marks in it from Rudy 4 years ago! We caught a bus home and then went to the Cox's room to watch a movie. I don't know what the movie was and only got see 20 minutes of it because Alexis needed her diaper changed. I was asleep the second I laid down again.

I bought her this cute dress on the beach...She loved the fish. You can see this from our room and she would point down and say fish. She was talking so much on this trip she tried to count to three and would repeat our words it was great. She is such a tan girl right now and believe me I caked the sunblock on and she wore a sun shirt for most of the day...funny I don't have any pictures of it though(I was in the pool having fun).
Saturday 6AM sleeping in Britt's bed did not help, if you are wondering why I say Britt's bed it is because they have full beds in the rooms and so it is more comfortable to sleep in separate beds. We are up and decide to go out to my parents hotel for the day. The Cox's brought over their left over food and then left for home. Before we went to the other hotel we made candles at our hotel. They are gel and it was fun. Emerald Bay was packed this year(kind of glad we were at the other hotel) Alexis passed out on the shuttle so she slept on a pool chair again! We spent more time in the pool here and Alexis again just wanted to be in the hot tub, the pools were heated so not sure why she liked the hot tub so much but whatever. Britt went to the Priesthood session of Conference and my parents and Huntington's went to the fiesta, so Alexis and I were on our own for dinner. We started out walking down the street and I walked probably 1.5 miles and then decided to catch the bus. We went to Gee Gee's and had fajitas again. By the time we got back Britt was back and he ate the dinner I brought for him. It was a busy day and we feel asleep easily(I found that rocking Alexis on the balcony works the best because of the ocean sounds).

2 lil' notes:

The Peck's said...

Wow what a drink!!! for such a little girl. Don't they have laws for underage drinking Down there? HEHEHE! I'm glad you guys had fun. Whish we could have been there.

Crystal said...

Haha it may look like a crazy big drink, but it was Fanta or orange soda!