Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today I have been thinking of those who serve in the Armed Forces and more directly the Army, because that is where most of my family and friends are.  A friend lost her husband yesterday in Iraq and it is just so tragic and heartbreaking.  It causes me to think of my brother in law Lim who has been there 3 times and possibly a 4th before the end of the year.  I am so grateful that he has made it home safe every time, he had some close calls that had the holy ghost not directed him may not have turned out well.  I think of Travis who is just starting his Army career and probably faces Iraq soon also.  I can't really explain why this has me so emotional, I cry about 15 times a day thinking of my friend.  Maybe it is because Britt is away from us right now and maybe it is because this is the only soldier to die in this war that I personally knew, but I am struggling to hold it together.  War stinks.  I am forever grateful to those Men and Women who devote their life to serving our great nation and my family.  Thank you Lim, Travis and Andrew you are in my prayers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I just notice that the last 4 posts have begun with Alexis.  I think Megan needs a post....

Megan was skyping with daddy tonight and tried to put candy corn in his mouth.  It was adorable and it had both of them laughing!  She also says please now, only it sounds more like peas.  She also says grandma and grandpa and that sounds more like gampa or gama.  Sunday night we put skype on the TV so daddy was really big and Megan would say dad and then do something silly like run in a circle or dance.  She would say dad over and over!  She also says mom, not mommy or momma.  She blows kisses by making kissing sounds towards you complete with puckered lips, at least she is starting to understand that kissing mommy is better with her lips closed.  She also is Houdini with belts and buckles and squirms out of them in the shopping carts.  So she was in the basket, can everyone see where this is headed?  Everything was great and we were headed to check out and all of the sudden she pitched herself over the end and flipped over landing on her back.  Scared me to death.  I hate that cement feet feeling.  Alexis was even stunned and tried to catch her but couldn't get a hold of her.  Now Megan will not go in a cart at all.  I will use my stroller, that for some reason she is just fine with sitting in for hours.   I am still rattled and am a bit nervous about going into the store with my kids.
Alexis is in a mood lately.  If I ask her to do something that she doesn't want to do like get ready for bed she will run down the hall, yell something about how mean I am and slam her door.  Then she will come out and demand I give her a TV show or a fruit snack or some other treat.  So I am tried of always asking her to say nice things or to act kinder to get what she wants so now she will do extra chores.  So tonight she had to clean the living room floor without crying to not be in trouble.  I also saw this really cute idea that used clothes pins to help the kids visualize how they are acting and the effect it will have on the things she wants most, sweets and TV.  So Sweets for Sweets is going to be introduced.  If she wants desserts, fruit snacks or other treats she will have to keep her pin up, she can earn it back up by doing things for me.  Not sure exactly how I am going to arrange it but I will take pics when my thoughts become reality.   Something has got to change around here and it better be her attitude!