Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alexis is in a mood lately.  If I ask her to do something that she doesn't want to do like get ready for bed she will run down the hall, yell something about how mean I am and slam her door.  Then she will come out and demand I give her a TV show or a fruit snack or some other treat.  So I am tried of always asking her to say nice things or to act kinder to get what she wants so now she will do extra chores.  So tonight she had to clean the living room floor without crying to not be in trouble.  I also saw this really cute idea that used clothes pins to help the kids visualize how they are acting and the effect it will have on the things she wants most, sweets and TV.  So Sweets for Sweets is going to be introduced.  If she wants desserts, fruit snacks or other treats she will have to keep her pin up, she can earn it back up by doing things for me.  Not sure exactly how I am going to arrange it but I will take pics when my thoughts become reality.   Something has got to change around here and it better be her attitude!

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