Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It is still snowing

Snow, snow, snow everytime I look out the window it is snowing again. Nothing is sticking but it is still exciting to look at. Alexis is even finding it fun to watch it snn now. We still have a lot on the ground and I measured it yesterday and we had almost 5 inches!

Leslie I guess my brother is moving to your neck of the woods! Not sure where exactly he will be staying because he is living with a friend; he is planning on leaving tomorrow. Ok well it is raining now so I need to get cleaning no snow days for the momma!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Storm

So today we woke up to almost 5 inches of glorious snow! The great news, well it is for me since i stay home, is that we will be getting snow tonight and possible until Thursday! I am in Heaven. I did get the wind knocked out of me really bad though. I had just got done wiping snow in Britt's face 3 times and then ran. Well we got to the edge of the road and Britt somehow tripped me(I don't think it was an accident)anyways I went flying over the ditch and imprinted my face on the other side. I thought for sure my lungs had collapsed, but I did hurt my collar bone. It was still fun we tied a tube up and pulled it behind the bike; even Alexis like it. I built a snow man first thing and it was the first on our block! I love the snow.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley

The passing of our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley has me thinking of how long I have lived. In 6 weeks I will be 30 years old which is not even a 1/3 of the life this great man has lived. I have seen the passing of 4 presidents of the church; even though I vaguely recall Spencer W. Kimball's passing. I love President Hinckley because of his great calming presence, he had a good sense of humor and he taught with love. I love that he put so much emphasis on building temples so that members of the church world wide could partake of the blessings there. I love that he devoted his life to the gospel and set an amazing example of how one's life could and should be. I felt his love when he spoke and am grateful that I lived during his time as the prophet.

I always wondered how much longer he would be here in our presence while his wife was waiting in Heaven. I am so happy that he has been reunited with her and those who have gone before him...what a welcome home party that must have been and with how many people he knew it is probably still going on. Soon he will go to work up their because that is who he is. Please let me know some of your feelings too.

Please Pray for Them

Dear Friends,
I've just received an emailfrom the Palizzi Family and they are in desperate need of your fasting, prayers and temple attendance. A couple of nights ago, the Ragsdale family came over to the house where Ann has been staying (helping care for her late daughter's two little sons), to take the boys for a visit. They never returned the boys home and Ann has not seen them since. Instead they are trying to gain custody of the two boys themselves. It is now headed for a huge court hearing. For those that don't know the details, Kristy, Ann's daughter was the young mother of two who was gunned down by her estranged husband as she and Ann were headed into church on Jan. 6th (her 30th birthday)in Lehi, Utah. Al and Ann ask that the word gets spread as quickly and widely as possible and that the three things I mentioned at the beginning of this letter be asked of everyone. They need miracles to occur in keeping the two little ones safe until they can be returned to the safety of the Palizzi family. She mentioned especially going to the Temple and petitioning there. Ann has not been able to get back to everyone, but the entire family is so very grateful for the love, support, and prayers in their behalf. Please let everyone you know, know of these new developments and then let's combine our faith and prayers that our Heavenly Father's Will will be done for Brandon and Carter. We love you all and hope all is well with your loved ones.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big tree slide at the mall

Originally uploaded by crybergman
The Supermall near us has gotten a new playground. So Erin and i took our kids to go shopping and to explore this playground. When we first walked up to it there was some 30 kids in it, I'm am not exaggerating Alma and Alexis would have been trampled. So we went to a few stores and came back and few less kids so we turned them loose. They loved it they climbed and went down the slides, Malachi found a baby and spent a good amount of time talking to the baby and his mom. It is all soft and squishy so if they bump themselves it isn't going to hurt! So we may have to start a play group and head to the mall once a week. That way everybody gets out of the house and they kids get to play! It is nice to have somewhere out of the weather for the little ones to play and get some energy out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Holiday

We seem to be spending a lot of time in the snow this month! This was bunches of fun. The place we went to had a fun set up. When you get there you climb into a horse drawn sleigh ride, that ride(complete with singing Jingle Bells) takes you to the sledding hill. They have tents set up with wood stoves in them and tables and chairs and fire pits outside. Those tents got so hot inside you had to remove all coats just to keep from sweating. The hill is just about 20 feet from the tents and lots of fun. We were invited by Chad and Kate and the Thompson's for their Atlas Family Fun day(Kate's work). So Kate and I had a bit of bad luck when ever we went down together; we hit a telephone pole and a kid or two! We went off jumps and banged our knees up Britt actually got hurt the least. We had lots of fun Mallori even got in on the tubing action and took a few turns down the hill. Alexis really liked being pulled on a sled. When we got back into town we ate dinner at the Thompson's home and played their Wii. The Wii is bunches of fun and I am sure my arm will be sore tomorrow. I am sure that I forgot something so just know that we had a great day and are grateful that we were invited!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Food woes

Alexis has become very picky with what food she will eat. If she doesn't want to eat it she will spit it out and say yuck. Her food particulars change by the day too. Two days ago all she wanted was string cheese now she will only lick it and then put it down. I hope this is all because of the cold that she has because she is not eating very much. I guess I should be happy that she will eat veggies and fruit, multi-grain club crackers, jello and every once in a while something else. She doesn't really want milk either.

I post this because I always thought that it was the parents fault that their kid was picky. So I guess I am eating my own words. I just hope she eats enough to keep her cute little chubbiness!

We bought her a stroller for her babies and she loves it, She just pushes her babies around and around the house. It is so cute and I really enjoy watching her play "mommy". Last night I was holding Ashlee and Jenn got her pajamas out and Alexis walked over and put her hands out like she was going to take the baby from me and then pointed at Jenn. It was very cute that she was going to try to take the baby to Jenn. If anyone knows where I can get Little People movies please let me know, Alexis wants to watch the same one over and over.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some more details

When we got to the temple it was snowy and beautiful! We took some pictures and then went inside. Alexis loved the Youth room. She played with the baby dolls and loved the stroller. We went up stairs to change and then waited in the sealing room and chatted with the ordinance workers about different places we have lived. When Alexis came walking into the room with her white dress on she looked like an angel, it was breath taking. It brought tears to my eyes to see her appear and come over and hug me. She stood there looking around at everyone while we were sealed and she was smiling. She loved getting hugs from everyone and then we went and ate dinner in the cafeteria. Afterwards we went to the books store and got another Book of Mormon movie. I just want to tell all of my family and friends who haven't gone to the temple and been sealed to please go. There is nothing more important in this world then being able to be together for ever in Heaven. Being sealed is more important then work, money, or any addiction please go to the temple.

Thank you to Grandpa and Grandma Martin, Grandma Shirley, Stephanie, Erin, Chad and Kate and Bob and April who came to the temple today, we love you.

For Keeps

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Monday, January 14, 2008


I have been tagged by my cousin Leslie Mae Travis and Leslie ! So I guess I need to think of what I am all about.

The rules of the game:
• Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, as we all want to know them.
• Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
• Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I am a book-a-holic! I read and read until the late hours of the night, my husband has banned me from buying books so I have resorted to borrowing them from anyone and everyone. So if you have a good book let me borrow it please.

2. I love sweaters and hate coats. Even when I go play in the snow I wear polar fleece. Coats are bulky and ugly on my short person!

3. I don't know actors or their movies very well and I am the same with music!

4. I like to be at home, don't get me wrong I will hang out anywhere, but I like to be in my pjs and at home...always been that way even as a teenager (I know lame to hang out with the folks on a Friday night)

5. I have an extreme fear of breaking a bone especially an arm or wrist. I am not good with being physically impaired and it scares me.

6. I try really hard to not speed while driving. I go 5 over at the most and I am guilty of watching the speedometer when others are driving, refer to #5 for the reason!

7. I LOVE thunder and lightening storms. I get so excited and will watch until they are gone, even if it is an hour!

So now I get to tag some peps!

Collin and Damita
Joe and Jen
Jon and Steph
Jonathon and Melanie
Mom and Dad
Thad and Julie
Jorge and Tamara

Wearing Pants

She got her pants on once and then wanted them off. A few minutes later she was trying to get them on again. It is so cute. I love how she guides her chubby foot in. I am so excited for tomorrow! I may not sleep very well due to happiness!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just a Sunday Evening

Today we went to Erin's house and had dinner with Linda and Tamara Morse and the Bergman's. Linda brought Alexis and Mallori blankets that are so cute I just had to put a picture of it on here. It is a cat just in case you can't tell! By the way good food, I would live next door to Linda just so I could eat her cookin everyday!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bicycle Baby

Daddy took Alexis for a bike ride today. It was kind of cold and rainy but she didn't care, she laughed with glee as they rode away! I took the opportunity to clean the bathroom! We went over to my parents house to watch the game. The Seahawks did not win, sad. We had a good time though with Steph, Jon, Chad and Kate, oh and of course my parents. Now I need to go and prepare my lesson for Sunbeams (good thing church is at 11)! I am also suffering from sleep deprivations from Thursday night with Alexis waking up at 4am and the not getting home until 4am this morning from girls night. I will be wanting a nap tomorrow after church.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time out

Yesterday we were eating popcorn for a snack and I gave Alexis her own little bowl like I do every time; this time she broke it up into little pieces and throw it on the floor. So I asked her to clean it up and she started to spread it around on the floor so I put her on her stool and told her that she was in time out. This was her first time in a time out. She sat there pretty good despite the crying. When she had sat there for about 30 seconds I had her get up and help me. She wouldn't help me but I figured that she is only 16.5 months. So an hour later Britt was playing with her and her head touched the inside of his arm and he thought she felt warm. Sure enough 100.8. So I felt kind of bad for putting her in time out when she was not feeling good.

Lesson of the day: try checking her temp if she starts acting really crabby before putting her in time out.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A fan in the making!

As many of you know my Husband is a huge Seahawks fan! Now he isn't the fan that will blow big bucks on season tickets, but he watches every game and shouts and cheers and pumps his fists in the air at good plays(You also should know that my description is very mild compared to the way he really is during games)! We went to the game on December 23 and of course forgot our camera, but we had so much fun. The Seahawks are just a couple of huge wins away from being in the Superbowl. On Sunday this is how Alexis and Britt watched the game, believe it or not she really likes football. I don't know if it is the music, cheering, and action but she is just as energized as her dad during a game!


Yes, 2 days in a row we have woke up to snow! Yesterday was Sunday so Alexis didn't get to play in it, but today I bundled her up and took her outside for some fun!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Our day in Court

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Today it finally became official, Alexis is legally ours. She has been ours in our hearts and mind since birth, but now she is ours on paper. We left this morning with Grandma and Grandpa Martin and Jenn and Joe at 8:00am to head for Tacoma. We got there and Joni Irvin(Pierce County Adoption Investigator) was there and asked where our attorney was. Our Attorney didn't come and sent a letter of withdrawal, Joni was not happy with our attorney and hasn't been since the beginning. She looked over our papers that the attorney sent and said we might be missing a decree. Joni took our paperwork over to another attorney and had her look at it to make sure we had what we needed, thank heavens we did. So we waited our turn to go in the courtroom; mean while Alexis ran up and down the waiting room area. When we went in it was very relaxed our family including Grandma Shirley sat behind us and the judge asked us some questions, she asked if Britt was prepared to meet the boys that would try and date Alexis! It was really nice. Then after the judge declared the adoption final Joni asked the judge if we could take a picture with her. So the judge had us come up to where she sits and had me sit in her chair. That was different, anyways it was really great and then we went out to breakfast and Aunt Erin and her boys came to eat with us. So happy day for us...the next happy day will be Tuesday, January 15th when we are sealed in the Seattle Temple! It is at 5pm so if you want to be there come at 4:30pm!

Thank you to all who have filled out referrals for us and who have just been there to support us through the process of making our family whole! We love you.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow Day

We took the first day of the new year to play in the snow. Britt and I were not going to go, but decided at the last minute to see if we could find the baby some snow clothes. We found snow pants at Target and got her a new 2T coat, boats and gloves at Fred Meyer, jumped in the car and headed up to Crystal Mt Ski Resort. It is so nice to only be 1 hour from snow; actually there was snow just above Enumclaw but nothing to play in! Alexis was so cute all bundled up, when she would fall she would lift her arms and feet up it was so cute! Britt and I are a bit sore from trying to play in the really deep snow. I could only crawl in it because it was so deep, but so fun! So glad we went. On the way home Alexis showed everybody else that she can say tickle tickle; which she did to her own feet and then would laugh! It was very funny. So if you look at the pictures of her you see her gloves; her hands are not in them the are up in her coat about 4 inches. The coat was so big on her, but she wasn't cold at all!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Next year we may celebrate with New York and then go to bed early! Well it is a nice thought, but I know we will stay up! It was a nice evening even though a late one! We went over to our friends Rick and Shannon's and played Trivial Pursuit. Honestly I do think I am getting better at that game as I get older, we played guys against girls since there was 3 couples there. The girls were wiping the board and then we lost a player and the guys won at the last question showdown. It was still fun, as fun as it can be when playing a game with Mr. Competition(Britt). Alexis had the hardest time sleeping though, she fell asleep so I put her in the living room away from the noise of the game, but she woke up and needed to be held the rest of the night(3 hours). We were safe and had fun. Zach, their 8 year old, kept saying "I'm staying up until next year!" it was really funny. We might make it a tradition to play that game on New Years, we just had fun playing. We also tried to watch Stardust, but there was too much going on. I had hoped that Alexis would sleep in since she was up so late, but nope 8 am she was calling for me. Of course Britt is still sleeping and it is 10. I think that he needs to get woke up, what do you think? I will let him sleep just until the cinnamon rolls are done!

I hope that everyone had a fun, but safe evening! Have a great year and if you don't already have a blog spot get one and let me know, I love being able to see your families grow!