Monday, January 28, 2008

The Storm

So today we woke up to almost 5 inches of glorious snow! The great news, well it is for me since i stay home, is that we will be getting snow tonight and possible until Thursday! I am in Heaven. I did get the wind knocked out of me really bad though. I had just got done wiping snow in Britt's face 3 times and then ran. Well we got to the edge of the road and Britt somehow tripped me(I don't think it was an accident)anyways I went flying over the ditch and imprinted my face on the other side. I thought for sure my lungs had collapsed, but I did hurt my collar bone. It was still fun we tied a tube up and pulled it behind the bike; even Alexis like it. I built a snow man first thing and it was the first on our block! I love the snow.

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