Thursday, February 26, 2009

New doll house, she dressed herself!

Grandma Shirley gave her this baby after her surgery, she loves it!

I guess she wanted to go with daddy to AZ

It was hailing and she wanted to go catch it.

Fell asleep

More cousin pictures

fell asleep again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I took the recycling out to the can today and Missy decided to lock the dead bolt. I was dying at having to knock at my own door hoping a 2.5 year old would open it up! Good thing she is obedient.

We crocheted beads onto socks today for enrichment and Alexis loves them. She even cried when grandpa hide one. She told me that she wants more. They are pretty cute!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is that

Today Britt and took Alexis and Ashlee Fox for a walk around our neighborhood. We had just turned the corner and all of the sudden a dog bolted from the next road. Both Britt and I said is that a coyote? It sure was and 4 in the afternoon. It was scared and just trying to get back in the woods. The first yard it choose was fenced so out in the road it came again heading away from us thankfully. It finally found its way out at the end of the road. We saw a lot of families out enjoy this great weather and they all were surprised to see it too. I have seen a coyote on the gravel road going to my parents but it is usually dark or really early in the morning. Rudy was a bit annoyed that we wouldn't let him run after it. Crazy wild animals!

Monday, February 16, 2009

3 day update

This morning Alexis woke up and was in pain. I gave her medicine and a drink and was holding her. She wanted to lay back in bed so I laid next to her and she pulled the covers up over me and said "there you go." It was so cute that she was helping me even though she was hurting. It is so sad when she starts to hurt, she cries and coughes and then shakes. Sad. She is doing so great though and I know it helps Britt feel better about not being here. We are ready for him to be home for sure though. Alexis keeps trying to wrestle me and I know I am not as good at it as daddy is! He will be home either late tonight or early tomorrow! Can't wait!

Friday, February 13, 2009

She is doing awesome! She woke up like a bear who got woke up early from hibernation. They usually don't bring parents into recovery but after two doses of Morphine and she was still screaming, they called for me. I would love to say she settled right down for me, but she didn't. The only thing that settled her was a Popsicle. She ate it as fast as she could and we were finally able to go to her room. They wheeled the two of us up and she was given applesauce. She attacked it, barely pausing to let me open it. She downed 2 jello cups and then spaghetti O's, which she never eats. The reason for this frantic eating is that she hadn't eaten since 11pm the night before and they took her into surgery late, 2:15pm. Poor thing was going through the back pack looking for food while we waited, I didn't bring any food. She was gone for about 1 hour and then I meet the surgeon in the hall and he told us everything went well. He made it very clear that her tonsils were enormous and where causing her to probably not hear very well, which is why her speech isn't always clear and causing the sleep apnea. He said this should help her in a lot of ways, so happy about that. They put tubes in, he said with all the sticky junk that was in there she probably wasn't hearing well. The nice thing is we don't have to plug her ears when she is in water, unless it is salt water. We decided to come home due to the little girl that was sharing our room. She must have had a big surgery, because they had to keep messing with her and that brought on a bunch of crying and screaming that would last for a while. We figured we would sleep easier. They also didn't want to take the IV out until we left and it was driving her crazy. She was so excited to leave she was at the door saying "Come on Mom!" She really wanted the wagon ride through the hospital. When we walked out the hospital doors she said "We leaving," and smiled. At the car she squealed and clapped. At home she was running, and laughing and just plain happy. Grandma came and helped last night. We finally got her to sleep and then we crashed. I was able to give her medicine to her without walking her up all the way at 2 but at 6 she was wide awake. My mom told me to go ahead and go back to sleep for a bit, which I totally needed. She is cramming food down as fast as she can, eggs, cheese jello and yogurt. I guess she figures she needs to eat as much as she can just in case I starve her again. Poor thing. She took a bath and we cleaned the blood and junk out of her ears and she started to cry and had a little blood on her teeth. We are trying really hard to help her understand that crying isn't good. I took pics and will post them later. Britt is so bummed that he isn't here. The other driver he is caravaning with decided to take the yuck loads so Britt could get home before next Friday. Ok gotta go.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Malachi's big day

So all the fun we had while everybody was here was great but the real purpose in the trip was to have Malachi sealed to his family. We had to be to the temple at 10:30 and we would have been except the court document saying the adoption was final was still at our house. We were just getting to 405 when Erin called and asked where we were. I had also just discovered that my temple recommend was at home in my temple bag. So we turned around and came home to get those two really important things. Did you know that with this new system they can look your recommend up with out even calling your bishop! Lucky for us Alexis was sleeping the whole time. We got there I ran the papers in and then we hurried and got in there. It was only like 45 minutes late. The kids were so good in the temple, Malachi was so cute just soaking it all in. Afterwards we took some pictures and then went to Red Robin, Alma fell asleep before we even got done ordering. We went to Grandma's house for dinner and to celebrate Isaac's birthday which is tomorrow. Britt and Lim left to go play basketball, this was there guys night! And that wraps up Malachi's big day, it was great to see this sealing. We only hope that we can see some more of nephew's and nieces enter the temple with their families some day. Thank you Erin and Lim for sharing this day with us. It was wonderful.

More Pictures

Chill out time!

Girls night at the Cheesecake Factory, Yummy!

Crashed out in the car! Look at all their heads, Lim must have been taking some serious corners!

We have a tradition that when Lim and Erin come to town we head to Sushi Town. Mallori's first time eating Sushi. Alexis using chop sticks for the first time, she ate her whole meal with them.

Alma tried straight wasabi, he didn't like it. I should tell you this was the hottest wasabi I have ever had, poor guy. In the background you can see Lisa, Travis and Lim (Britt is on the other side) they were at the all you can eat bar. As usually the sushi did not disappoint.

Malachi, Isaac and Alexis with Grandma Shirley

The kids were playing seat belt with the controller. They would sit down and stretch the cord across their lap saying seat belt. The things that will entertain!

Finally got a picture of Isaac smiling

Four kids sitting on Grandma's couch

Five kids sitting on my couch

The air mattress wasn't holding air so after we bought a new one we let the kids have some fun with it.

Mallori wasn't sure about it so she just watched!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Busy Week Ends

Erin and Lim, left this morning and Kate left yesterday leaving a peaceful silence! It was fun having them all here visiting and especially seeing Malachi sealed to Lim and Erin. Alexis was very sad when we dropped them off at the airport. Her and Alma had become very good buddies. We watched Madagascar 2 last night, not sure I will be buying it. It had somethings in that I want Alexis to be older before she watches it a bunch. The kids laughed and ate popcorn and danced, ran around screaming and enjoyed their last night together. It was so much fun. Kate and I were talking just now and we took 476 pictures, that works out to be 57 pictures a day. Fun times. We discovered that taking 13 kids pictures is very hard. We had a crier in every picture and couldn't get the boys and girls together for one group picture, oh well we will try next time, the kids will be older and hopefully it will go better. Here is a sample of the pictures we took:

The kids were so excited to all be together!

the baby girls and Cory!

Mallori knocking Uncle Collin out and all the girl cousins

All the boy cousin except Isaac(who had a melt down because we wanted a picture)

Wii Baseball fun!

Cute picture with Aunt Kate

Alexis copied Tylene playing twister it was cute

Nap time, Alma is under the blanket!

Of course no get together with this family is complete without a competition or two. This round we choose this! It was fun, Britt won of course and I got a grass stain on my knee. We recorded it too...won't bore you with it. HAHA it was so funny. Britt bounced and pulled it out from under him and landed on the ground hard. Notice the intensity on their faces and the arm extension Lim gets.

This is the after shot of his fall while the kids looked on at all of us like we are crazy!

was getting stuff out of the freezer Alexis found this ice cream and was eating it before I noticed so I let her have it. She was nice and shared it with Mallori. Note Alexis' mouth!

Pizza Party!
Ok everybody I have tons more pictures and will post some more tomorrow! Enjoy for now!