Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is that

Today Britt and took Alexis and Ashlee Fox for a walk around our neighborhood. We had just turned the corner and all of the sudden a dog bolted from the next road. Both Britt and I said is that a coyote? It sure was and 4 in the afternoon. It was scared and just trying to get back in the woods. The first yard it choose was fenced so out in the road it came again heading away from us thankfully. It finally found its way out at the end of the road. We saw a lot of families out enjoy this great weather and they all were surprised to see it too. I have seen a coyote on the gravel road going to my parents but it is usually dark or really early in the morning. Rudy was a bit annoyed that we wouldn't let him run after it. Crazy wild animals!

2 lil' notes:

Goff Six Adventures said...

Isn't that crazy? We hear them at night...we also have a cougar visiting our neighborhood for the past 6 months....yikes!

Jenn said...

Sad I missed it! Stupid car!!!!