Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11 weeks

We had our 2nd doctors appointment yesterday! We just love Nancy so much. She did another ultrasound and right away our babies face appeared. Now it is just a profile and no we can't tell what this little one will look like. Although Britt is a bit worried if it will come out with his nose as an infant. I have assured him that won't happen. I lost a pound from last month, but no big deal. I am starting to feel better as far as sickness goes. I am having some difficulty sleeping though and getting some heart burn. I will scan the ultrasound pictures in tomorrow and let you see them! Excitement!!!!! None of my jeans will button up now, I can't believe how fast that happened. The nice thing is I can still buy my regular size in Maternity pants. I have the non elastic panel ones and it feels so much better then my regular jeans. It is fun though and I am starting to embrace my body changing. It is still weird though since I have been working for most of my life to keep the weight off and now to be in the zone to pass Britt up, ohwell if the guy weighed more then 135 it wouldn't be so easy to catch him. Alexis loved getting to see the baby again. Britt says he is finding out what the baby is even if I don't want to know. So I guess we are finding out. I knew he didn't like surprises so I figured he would be itchin to know! Oh and the picture on my side bar of the baby would look like is exactly on, fun stuff! Ok well maybe not exactly but you know what I mean.

An Apostle of the Lord

Living outside the greater Salt Lake area we aren't exposed to the Apostles and other General Authorities as much as we would like. This past Sunday was a special treat for our Stake. Elder Richard G. Scott came and did a special meeting for us. It was wonderful to be sitting and listening to an Apostle of the Lord and feel that spirit! Even Alexis must have sensed that this was a special meeting because she was amazingly good, not one fit. We did have to remind her to talk in a whisper, but that is just Alexis. He asked 2 Young Ladies to come out of the audience and asked them questions about what their families do with things such as encouraging personal and family scripture study, Family home evening and praying. He spoke to us on losing a loved one. He bore testimony of our prophet and his love and kindness. He bore witness of our Savior and the Atonement. It was so amazing to be able to attend this meeting and I am so grateful that I am a member of this church and that I have the gospel.

10 years and still strong!

I didn't forget about our 10 year anniversary, just forgot to blog about it! We had a lovely evening. My parents took Alexis for the night and we went out to eat and to see a movie. We didn't have a bunch of time before our 7:30 movie started so we went to Thai really quick. It was yummy, but we like our normal Thai place better. We got to New Moon at 7pm and were lucky to find 2 seats together on the side...how sad would that be to sit separately on our anniversary? Britt has been looking forward to the wolf scenes for months now. He was not disappointed either! After the movie we went to Applebee's for dessert, we wanted something warm. It was so fun to come home at 11 and not be stressed about putting Alexis to bed and all that. It doesn't feel like 10 years have gone by. It has gone so fast. We are so lucky to have found each other! I Love Britt so very much! Thanks for the last 10 and I can't wait for the next 10!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pg update

Well I am starting to show a bit. I am really not liking the way any of my clothes fit, but don't want to buy new ones either. Partly because I don't want to buy a bigger size of normal clothes. My sweat and pj pants kill my tummy though so I may have to give in. I am feeling good for the most part but every few days I feel sick again and mostly in the evening. We took our first photo of me yesterday at 10 weeks. Britt wants to take one every week in front of the crib with a sign saying how far along I am. I was going to wait until week 12, but since I am starting to show he decided now is good. Alexis is cute she still talks about all the babies in her tummy that are getting big. She will even lay on the couch and say she doesn't feel good because of the babies. It is fun though having her old enough to understand a little of what is going on. I did ask her how all 6 babies got in her tummy just to see what her response would be and she told me they just climbed in. I didn't press the issue, lol. Britt is always calling me with a new name he has thought of. He really likes Brooke for a girl and I really like Megan, wish they went together better. Boy names are tricky for me. I feel really strong in having a good name that they will be able to grow up with. I am not really into cutsie names for a boy. We will figure it out though! We are still undecided on if we will find out what the baby is. I really think it is a boy, but I am not sure if that is just because I want a boy. We are having fun and it is finally really sinking in that we are having a baby. Life is good.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Leslie you are in so much trouble...showing a pregnant girl this. If Alexis wasn't asleep right now I would be driving to the store in the middle of this crazy storm for yeast to make Orange rolls. Goodness she makes everything look sooooo yummy. Even things I don't really like (chicken fried steak). I will be getting yeast tomorrow, even after declaring to myself that I don't need to go to the store at all tomorrow. If I gain a ton of extra weight you will have to come over here and be my personal trainer next fall. LOL, really though I will be trying my hand at a few of her recipes!

Friday, November 13, 2009

waiting so patiently for her nails to be painted!

Making a bracelet

Alexis is in the I won't smile at the camara phase.

Huge pile of candy.

She drew the face herself!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I spent the whole day today cleaning. Things have gotten a bit neglected lately like the dusting and mopping. The sister missionaries were supposed to teach a lesson here so I thought I would spiffy things up. I think I over did it though, since now I am sore. The lesson I learned is do little bits everyday instead of letting it pile up. I have 5 blankets to make right now and so I better get busy. I think Alexis will be going to be early tonight!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mt. St. Helen's and the Ape Caves

September 26, 2009 we took a day to go see Mt. Saint. Helen's. It was cloudy and sprinkling on our way to the observatory, but then we cleared the clouds and had an amazing view of the valley and mountain. It is so humbling to see the power of mother nature. The kids loved it, they didn't love the car ride. After eating lunch at the mountain we headed off to do the ape caves. Our GPS told us there was a back road that would shave a bunch of time off the trip. They guys were all for trying it, it was a dirt road and probably would have gone through eventually if not for the gate that blocked the road part way. So we turned around and headed a different direction which took us to the main road. We got to the parking lot and found out that it was a free day so we didn't have to pay parking. We descended into the pitch black and had to stop. Britt forgot extra batteries, then Ben broke his flash light. The kids loved it though. Jon and Britt crawled on their bellies to the farthest they could go. We turned off all the lights at the end and let the kids feel just how dark it was...it was crazy the blackness was so thick. Back at the entrance you could leave the caves or go to the upper cave. Alexis was done and so was Ben so Stephanie and i left and Britt, Jon and Sam went tot he upper cave. It was intense with climbing over boulders and skirt holes, glad I didn't take Alexis. We let the kids play and run around outside and when it started to get dark we got in the car and the kids played some more. It took the guys some 3 hours to get through the upper cave and we were starving by that point. We hit Mcdonald's and ate before starting the over 2 hour drive back to Jon and Steph's. Then the 45 minutes back to our house. It was seriously a fun day and I can't wait to explore more of Washington. Up next is the Olympic rain forest. We might wait until spring for that one though! Who knows though one of these nice Saturdays may just find us in the car driving west!

The battery on the camera died right after this picture.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I have cute pictures from Halloween, but I haven't charged the battery on my camera so you will all have to wait! We had a fun couple of nights though. Ward trunk or treat....followed by cold stone creamery with friends and family on Friday night. Halloween morning we carved Alexis's pumpkin. She really didn't like the gooey stuff, but toughed through it and drew a face on her pumpkin. I cute it out and she was so excited. We then went to the Deputy's Annual Halloween bash and had a good time visiting with friends and eating. Our High School has a Pumpkin Bash thing that another church puts on and they give out lots of candy and have fun games for the kids to play. It was dry and warm so it was the right choice for me! We had beef stew and Mexican hot chocolate afterwards at our house. Sadly Britt, Jon and Sam didn't get to celebrate with us. Britt had to work and Jon was with Sam in the hospital.

Sam spent the week at Mary Bridge after a middle of the night appedentictomy on Tuesday. His appendix had ruptured leaving him a very sick little boy. He didn't start holding anything down until Sunday and thankfully was released today. He will still be on Antibotic for 2 more weeks, has a picc line in his arm for the meds and has to stay out of school the rest of the week. I don't suggest this method for getting out of school for 2 weeks though. He seems to be doing 100% better. Sam had us very worried though.

I bought my first pair of maternity pants today. Not the ones with the elastic panel though. They have an adjustable waistband. My size 4 pants were not fitting at all. I need to get a new skirt also, none of them fit comfortably, and with 3 hours of church meetings I want to feel good! Britt didn't work today because his truck was getting a service so we were able to hang out as a family. We went shopping and out to lunch. It is much easier to clothes shop with Britt there because he doesn't seem to mind spending the money. Weird! It was a fun day though, even if I do snip a bit at him here and there!