Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I have cute pictures from Halloween, but I haven't charged the battery on my camera so you will all have to wait! We had a fun couple of nights though. Ward trunk or treat....followed by cold stone creamery with friends and family on Friday night. Halloween morning we carved Alexis's pumpkin. She really didn't like the gooey stuff, but toughed through it and drew a face on her pumpkin. I cute it out and she was so excited. We then went to the Deputy's Annual Halloween bash and had a good time visiting with friends and eating. Our High School has a Pumpkin Bash thing that another church puts on and they give out lots of candy and have fun games for the kids to play. It was dry and warm so it was the right choice for me! We had beef stew and Mexican hot chocolate afterwards at our house. Sadly Britt, Jon and Sam didn't get to celebrate with us. Britt had to work and Jon was with Sam in the hospital.

Sam spent the week at Mary Bridge after a middle of the night appedentictomy on Tuesday. His appendix had ruptured leaving him a very sick little boy. He didn't start holding anything down until Sunday and thankfully was released today. He will still be on Antibotic for 2 more weeks, has a picc line in his arm for the meds and has to stay out of school the rest of the week. I don't suggest this method for getting out of school for 2 weeks though. He seems to be doing 100% better. Sam had us very worried though.

I bought my first pair of maternity pants today. Not the ones with the elastic panel though. They have an adjustable waistband. My size 4 pants were not fitting at all. I need to get a new skirt also, none of them fit comfortably, and with 3 hours of church meetings I want to feel good! Britt didn't work today because his truck was getting a service so we were able to hang out as a family. We went shopping and out to lunch. It is much easier to clothes shop with Britt there because he doesn't seem to mind spending the money. Weird! It was a fun day though, even if I do snip a bit at him here and there!

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Shirley B. said...

I will be anxious to see the Halloween pictures! Have you checked out Kate's blog spot lately? She has a picture of her with Cambree in a "Moby Wrap", and she says that it is wonderful to use as it frees your hands and doesn't make your back ache. Let me know if you like this, maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas!
Love you,
Mom Shirley