Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11 weeks

We had our 2nd doctors appointment yesterday! We just love Nancy so much. She did another ultrasound and right away our babies face appeared. Now it is just a profile and no we can't tell what this little one will look like. Although Britt is a bit worried if it will come out with his nose as an infant. I have assured him that won't happen. I lost a pound from last month, but no big deal. I am starting to feel better as far as sickness goes. I am having some difficulty sleeping though and getting some heart burn. I will scan the ultrasound pictures in tomorrow and let you see them! Excitement!!!!! None of my jeans will button up now, I can't believe how fast that happened. The nice thing is I can still buy my regular size in Maternity pants. I have the non elastic panel ones and it feels so much better then my regular jeans. It is fun though and I am starting to embrace my body changing. It is still weird though since I have been working for most of my life to keep the weight off and now to be in the zone to pass Britt up, ohwell if the guy weighed more then 135 it wouldn't be so easy to catch him. Alexis loved getting to see the baby again. Britt says he is finding out what the baby is even if I don't want to know. So I guess we are finding out. I knew he didn't like surprises so I figured he would be itchin to know! Oh and the picture on my side bar of the baby would look like is exactly on, fun stuff! Ok well maybe not exactly but you know what I mean.

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Jamie said...

Hi Crystal,
Thanks for your sweet comment. Most of my siblings and I are having a hard time with our mom getting married but we are doing OK and do find comfort in knowing that she & our dad are sealed and we are sealed to them. This has really brought up the pain of this death again and that has been hard. I really, really miss him. Garry is a good man though and I think as time goes by I will be able to adjust to the changes that this has brought to our lives. You're super nice to think of the effect it would have on us- most people are so happy for my mom they assume that we are all doing well with it. Anyway....

It's been fun to watch how your new baby is growing each week and fun to hear of all the things you are doing. Oh, and if you want to keep wearing your non-maternity jeans too try a belly band. They are cheap and expand the time you can wear your regular clothes. You can probably find them at any maternity store.