Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pg update

Well I am starting to show a bit. I am really not liking the way any of my clothes fit, but don't want to buy new ones either. Partly because I don't want to buy a bigger size of normal clothes. My sweat and pj pants kill my tummy though so I may have to give in. I am feeling good for the most part but every few days I feel sick again and mostly in the evening. We took our first photo of me yesterday at 10 weeks. Britt wants to take one every week in front of the crib with a sign saying how far along I am. I was going to wait until week 12, but since I am starting to show he decided now is good. Alexis is cute she still talks about all the babies in her tummy that are getting big. She will even lay on the couch and say she doesn't feel good because of the babies. It is fun though having her old enough to understand a little of what is going on. I did ask her how all 6 babies got in her tummy just to see what her response would be and she told me they just climbed in. I didn't press the issue, lol. Britt is always calling me with a new name he has thought of. He really likes Brooke for a girl and I really like Megan, wish they went together better. Boy names are tricky for me. I feel really strong in having a good name that they will be able to grow up with. I am not really into cutsie names for a boy. We will figure it out though! We are still undecided on if we will find out what the baby is. I really think it is a boy, but I am not sure if that is just because I want a boy. We are having fun and it is finally really sinking in that we are having a baby. Life is good.

5 lil' notes:

Kate said...

I want to see your 10 weeks picture!!
I totally thought I was having a boy too! (I hope you do have a boy) And I agree, boys names are hard.

Jenn said...

Okay so I was looking at your blog yesterday and Ashlee started making monkey noises so I asked her where she sees a monkey and she pointed to the baby on your countdown! lol
I like Brooke! If it is a girl then you can still keep the ABC thing going! :)

Shirley B. said...

Hey, I would love to see any and all pictures of Crystal beginning to show! Trot 'em out! I am so excited for you!

Mommy to One said...

Yeah, let's see the pics! We took weekly pics starting at 4 a bikini! Yeah. They are amazing to look back on. I just wish we would have taken more everyday ones, or even some professional pregnancy photos. My point is...take TONS of pictures! You won't regret it. :-)

leslie mae said...

You still haven't posted pics Crystal!!! I am so excited for you guys!! Are you up for name suggestions? If I had a say {which I DON'T} I would say WAIT to find out, there really is no better surprise in your life. It's AWESOME!!!