Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Running for shots!

Alexis doesn't have bronchitis or an ear infection. The doctor wouldn't diagnose her with asthma either, but he did say she had wheezing and gave her an in-haler. He wants me to give it to her when she has been really active or when she needs it. She takes it so good too, I just breath in and out a bunch and she copies me. She got her 18 month shots too. They were trying not to do it because they are usually given at a well baby check up. I just told the nurse that we were changing insurance next week and really wanted it done. So she put the shots through! I was so happy, Alexis was until she got them. When they called her name she ran over and followed the nurse almost skipping, I said "If she only knew what she was running towards!" So she was limping tonight on both legs, it was so very funny except for the crying and sad little legs that hurt. She is just amazing and such a trooper. I love her so much.

Cory Aaron Bergman

Yahhhhh our new nephew was just born. Britt called Jesse to see what was going on and Jesse said "I gotta go he just came out!" Just thought I would share that because it is funny. He sent us a picture with in minutes! Can't wait to meet him. Hopefully Britt will get home early so we can go, since I am watching Ella. Ella is 1 and her mom just had surgery on her neck and can't lift her yet. So there is no way I will go with a 18 month and 1 year old. I am not crazy. He is 8 pounds 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long!

Dr. Bergman

I think we have discovered what Alexis will be when she grows up.

I guess we better start saving for college. We went with Ashlee to her doctors appointment and Alexis acted like she was the one who was getting shots. She was laying on the floor crying and when the door would open she would bolt out and run down the hall. It didn't help that we were there for 2 hours. She today Alexis gets to go to the doctors. Her cold just isn't getting better and it has been a week, they also are going to test her for asthma and I am going to have them give her the 3 shots she needs, especially since on Saturday our new insurance starts so she will be changing doctors. The consulting nurse said she thinks Alexis really does need to be tested for asthma, when she runs around a lot she will cough and then when she lays down for bed she coughs too. So hopefully we can get some answers today.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't be stingy

I have decided to share this website. I initially wanted to keep it to myself; you know less competition, but I was feeling guilty and so here it is a free giveaway site. You do nothing except leave a comment. So if you hurry you can still get in on this round of giveaways a few end today and the Ann Taylor one ends march 4th.


Final Chapter

The other night I was in a discussion about the Cullen's family and we were trying to decide if there would be a 4th book to tie it all up and I am happy to announce that there is! So as I look forward to reading book number 3 Eclipse (how funny that we just had a lunar eclipse) I can take joy in knowing that it doesn't end there!


I also would like to share the excitement of the new stores opening up here in Bonney Lake..... they are Jamba Juice and Taco Del Mar! I know there will be more because it is a new shopping center, but I am excited about those two so far. I am going to find it really hard if/when we move away from here and I have to begin searching out some of my favorite places.

I think Alexis has the cutest voice right now, it is horse or sounds like a frog(either way she is a zoo)! It is really cute when she laughs. I have noticed lately that my post have become really random and somewhat rambling, sorry I guess I need to talk to Adults more.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Almost a Summer Day

I feel good about the day! It was awesome at 67! I got to work on my flower beds and rid them of weeds and pruned my roses, blueberries and honeysuckle. Britt went and got all the supplies to put a new roof on our deck and Jon helped him complete that job! All in all we got a lot done. We also lost our daughter. I was wedding and Britt was working on the roof, while she was supposed to be playing in her play house, I looked up to check on her and couldn't see her. I asked Britt if he could see her and he said she was in the play house. No she wasn't so we both ran to find her. Well since our fence is broken due to the wind storm, she slipped through and was down our driveway, across the street and into the neighbors yard. Talk about a heart attack, so now we know she will in fact walk away from us without even thinking twice and she does not look both ways when crossing the road. I could not imagine if we lived on a busier road, well if we did Britt would have fixed the gate a long time ago. So besides that little mishap we had a good day.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Such a Good Mommy

I made the sling for her and put a new seat on her stroller today. Now she can carry both her babies with her. It was so tragic to see her have to choose which baby she wanted to play with. The other would be tossed aside until she got bored with the first baby!

My new swimsuit

We got this for Mexico in 5 weeks. She isn't in to the flip flops yet!

Whatever Friday!

Today is going so much better then Yesterday. Alexis is sick and wanted to be held all day, enough said for mom's who have ever had a sick baby. She is so sad right now she can't breath through her nose and so she breaths through her mouth, which sounds like she is gasping. Then she gags on anything especially medicine. She doesn't want to eat because well then she can't breath. She is starting to cough and has a slight fever of 99.6. It just makes me sad. The only funny thing out of this is when she see's me with medicine, a nose sucker or well even her clothes she runs from me. It is funny she runs saying no, no, no.

Today she was clapping her hands to the beat of the song we had playing; when the song changed to a primary song she didn't know what to do because it was slow. It was very cute. So we danced around to the music and then she grabbed her stroller and ran around the house chasing the dog. She thinks it is great to try and run him over; he doesn't think it is so fun. She has also started hitting, why does she insist on picking up bad habits! Poor dog knows what little people feel like when in the hands of an 18 month old.

We have had the best weather here since Sunday. It has been nearly 60 everyday and sunny. Monday Erin, Kate and I were going to take the kids to the zoo because it was so nice, but we never made it. Stacey was in town so we went to lunch with her and Lisa and Jeanette and then we got a tour of the building. It is a very old building I can't remember how old. So they took us in the basement and did you know the sidewalk in front of the building is held up with some metal poles...I really didn't want to walk on it after seeing and standing underneath it. Then we went upstairs, it used to be a brothel. It had tons of rooms and bathrooms, It would make a truly awesome pad if you had the money to fix it up! Well we planned on rushing home, taking the babysitter home and heading for the zoo, but when we called her she said the kids were still asleep so we got pedicures. I know it was supposed to be all about the kids day, but it suddenly became mommy get away day. We did try and make up for the zoo by taking them to the park. Good thing the kids didn't catch on that it wasn't a good trade. Maybe Erin will be able to squeeze a zoo trip in before she leaves next week. Ok sad alert...... that is too soon for her to leave. It sounded so far away when it was 10 days, but next week is just too close.

My husband is the best. On Wednesday I went and got a crown on my tooth(I got the root canal 2 years ago). I am telling you that it hurt really bad, the tooth didn't hurt until now. So I have to admit I have been kind of crabby and usually Britt will just try and steer clear; not this time he said that I needed a back massage. So he gave me one...It was nice for him to think about ways to help me be pampered instead of trying to avoid me. Well the baby is awake and so this post is done. Hope you had fun reading my rambling.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is so ironic that I have to post this today. Yesterday as Britt was driving to Tacoma to pick me up from Erin's house he got a speeding ticket. He is so upset about it and is determined to fight it because the sheriff said he was going 64 in a 40. He says that he was only going 50 at the most. He is really, really mad so avoid the topic if you talk to him.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Driving Slow

Funny story that I need to share real quick. Britt just cracks me up sometimes! Friday night we were driving home from Kate's house and he was going 30mph in a 40mph zone so I mentioned to him that he was driving slow. He responded by pointing behind us saying "Well everyone behind me is going slow too." I started laughing and only then did he understand why they were going so slow. So laugh with us because it was really funny.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ok so we finally did it. We had a young women from our ward come to our house and watch Alexis and then paid her. I know it sounds crazy that I am posting this but it was a huge step for us. We are exteremly protective and just have had the hardest time getting a babysitter; not because there isn't enough girls we have some 35 active Young Women in our Ward. We have just been blessed with family that is so willing to take her for us, but tonight we didn't have anyone. My parents were going to the same ward activity and Ashlee has been running a fever, so we didn't want Jenn to have to worry about another baby. Everyone else was too far away so we had to or sit home and we both really wanted the socialization with adults.

So we had a game night for the adults in our ward and it was fun. The first game we played was by table and we had to write a 4 line poem that we might see on a Valentine card; our tables was the best. We then had names pined on our backs and we had to find our match by asking questions to see who we were. I didn't do so good; I just couldn't figure it out. We then played the newly wed game with 4 other couples. Britt and I came in second place missing the win by 5 points. The couple that won had been married the least amount of time, only 6 years! So we came home to find everything well and two happy girls. Alexis bored her to death with wanting her to play the Little People dvd over and over again. She just loves them. I have finally order 4 more of them so that she can have variety.

I must say Britt and I were a bit stumped on how much to pay a babysitter. We had to ask our friends, the Dicksons, when we got to the party how much to pay her. We ended up giving her $10, she did have Rudy to let outside and stuff; so she was kind of watching 2 kids! The Dickson's have decided since we have finally enter the world of getting out without kids that we should go celebrate this weekend. Britt asked our babysitter if she might be free next weekend too. Funny how paying a babysitter makes you feel like a grown up!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a good Valentine's Day. We went out to dinner on Wednesday with our friends the Pine's and Schaub's to the Lobster Shop, had great conversation and good food. My parents watched Alexis so we could go out, thanks for always helping us out we really appreciate and love you! We then spent all day yesterday as a family because Britt didn't have work. We ate breakfast and cleaned the house, I was lying on the couch, I stayed up late reading, and Alexis turned the TV off and climbed up on the couch with me and just closed her eyes and went to sleep at 11. She does not do that very often; usually at nap time it takes her 10 minutes of being in her crib to fall asleep. So I did what any good mother on Valentine's Day would do, I took a nap too! It felt so good. I was woke up by 3; they are triplets, of my Sunbeams delivering us Valentines. It was so cute. So we went and bought candy to go with Alexis' Valentines that she picked out last week. Britt then surprised Alexis with a trip to the park; this is our favorite park because it is close, easy to get to and has two play grounds one for small children and one for big kids. They just put new soil and grass down it is smooth and nice now, we will be having Alexis's birthday there.

Alexis also said "I love you" to Britt today as he was leaving for work. If we ask her how old she is she holds her 1 chubby and cute finger up! She is really into saying "What is it" or "watch it" for movies. I was getting concerned because she doesn't say a lot of one word things, but she must have been waiting to say sentences. I guess I shouldn't be surprised she is an over-achiever! She only walked for a short time before she ran!

I love My Family so much!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Growing bangs out is so hard. Every time I look at Alexis with her hair covering her eyes I want to run and grab my scissors. I know that is will be much better in a few weeks but wow they are seriously bugging me. She looks like a welfare child. It wouldn't be that bad if she would keep her hair clips in, but no way that is asking too much.

Monday, February 4, 2008

This is the last post for today I promise!

Alexis is a very helpful girl. I was starting the washer and putting the soap in when I turned to go get the clothes from my room she was standing there with an arm full of them. It was super great to see her helping me and without asking. I have been letting her throwing the clothes in the washer, hey by the time she is 2 she may be doing the laundry all by herself(I might just make that my birthday wish this year). Speaking of my birthday I want all of you to know that I take diamonds, gift cards and new clothes...ok just kidding I actually don't really want anything except to be pregnant with boy(a girl will be excepted also).

I am including Alexis' picture of one of our Trader Joe purchases! Britt was very upset that I did not buy any chocolate covered fruit so when I saw them there I had to get them! It is in the slide show so keep watching.

It has snowed

We are having a real winter here in Bonney Lake. It has snowed everyday since last Sunday. We have just been loving watching it, it is even snowing during the day while we are at church. It energizes everyone to see it snow. Last night during the Super bowl it started snowing and covered the ground quickly. Alexis absolutely loves the snow flakes falling down on her, she would stay outside for hours if we let her. Ok well I am going to go to Trader Joe's for my very first time today! I know I heard the gasps from all you who are regulars there!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What is a Caucus?

I know that most of your are way smarter then I, but I have found myself wonder with all the political talk bashing me with every newscast; What is a causus and why is it important to win them? I think it important for us all to get out and vote. I am actually really passionate about voting and consider it a great responsiblity. If you are not registered then get so and vote as though your life depends on it(funny it really does depend on it). Please vote it is important.

http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/specials/articles/0,6709,592188,00.html I know it is for kids but well it is easier to understand. Happy Learning!


I know that as Mom's we desparately want our children to be brilliant and yet the cost of preschool sometimes makes it a hard choice, so in my blog explorations I have found all these sites that will help you teach your kiddos(and they are free). Even if your baby is in preschool they can always use more at home so have fun looking at these sites! I found in the Brightly Beaming site that they have lesson plans for infants as young as 3 months. Now I need to go to bed so I can wake up happy and maybe the pulled muscle in my chest won't hurt as bad either. Thanks Erin for the meds you gave Britt I am on 1200mg of Ibuprofen and am now feeling almost pain free.

Alphabites http://www.alphabet-soup.net/alphabite.html
Beginning to Read http://www.ed.gov/Family/RWN/Activ97/begin.html
Brightly Beaming Resources http://www.letteroftheweek.com/index.html
DLTK's Alphabuddies http://www.dltk-teach.com/alphabuddies/index.html
DLTK Kids http://www.dltk-kids.com/
Everything Preschool http://www.everythingpreschool.com/
First Alphabet Activities & Crafts http://first-school.ws/theme/alphabet.htm
Kidzone http://www.kidzone.ws/
Kinder Korner http://www.kinderkorner.com/abc.html
Preschool Printables http://www.preschoolprintables.com/
Preschool by Stormie http://www.preschoolbystormie.com/index.html
Starfall http://www.starfall.com/
www.coloring.ws http://www.coloring.ws/

Friday, February 1, 2008

New food group

Alexis likes corndogs. Strange that I post that info, but the girl eats like a bird these days and so it is exciting when we find something that will enter her belly. She also let me do her hair today; that is a accomplishment for me. She usually fights me to the bitter end and that leaves uneven pony tails and frazzeled nerves.