Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dr. Bergman

I think we have discovered what Alexis will be when she grows up.

I guess we better start saving for college. We went with Ashlee to her doctors appointment and Alexis acted like she was the one who was getting shots. She was laying on the floor crying and when the door would open she would bolt out and run down the hall. It didn't help that we were there for 2 hours. She today Alexis gets to go to the doctors. Her cold just isn't getting better and it has been a week, they also are going to test her for asthma and I am going to have them give her the 3 shots she needs, especially since on Saturday our new insurance starts so she will be changing doctors. The consulting nurse said she thinks Alexis really does need to be tested for asthma, when she runs around a lot she will cough and then when she lays down for bed she coughs too. So hopefully we can get some answers today.

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