Friday, February 22, 2008

Whatever Friday!

Today is going so much better then Yesterday. Alexis is sick and wanted to be held all day, enough said for mom's who have ever had a sick baby. She is so sad right now she can't breath through her nose and so she breaths through her mouth, which sounds like she is gasping. Then she gags on anything especially medicine. She doesn't want to eat because well then she can't breath. She is starting to cough and has a slight fever of 99.6. It just makes me sad. The only funny thing out of this is when she see's me with medicine, a nose sucker or well even her clothes she runs from me. It is funny she runs saying no, no, no.

Today she was clapping her hands to the beat of the song we had playing; when the song changed to a primary song she didn't know what to do because it was slow. It was very cute. So we danced around to the music and then she grabbed her stroller and ran around the house chasing the dog. She thinks it is great to try and run him over; he doesn't think it is so fun. She has also started hitting, why does she insist on picking up bad habits! Poor dog knows what little people feel like when in the hands of an 18 month old.

We have had the best weather here since Sunday. It has been nearly 60 everyday and sunny. Monday Erin, Kate and I were going to take the kids to the zoo because it was so nice, but we never made it. Stacey was in town so we went to lunch with her and Lisa and Jeanette and then we got a tour of the building. It is a very old building I can't remember how old. So they took us in the basement and did you know the sidewalk in front of the building is held up with some metal poles...I really didn't want to walk on it after seeing and standing underneath it. Then we went upstairs, it used to be a brothel. It had tons of rooms and bathrooms, It would make a truly awesome pad if you had the money to fix it up! Well we planned on rushing home, taking the babysitter home and heading for the zoo, but when we called her she said the kids were still asleep so we got pedicures. I know it was supposed to be all about the kids day, but it suddenly became mommy get away day. We did try and make up for the zoo by taking them to the park. Good thing the kids didn't catch on that it wasn't a good trade. Maybe Erin will be able to squeeze a zoo trip in before she leaves next week. Ok sad alert...... that is too soon for her to leave. It sounded so far away when it was 10 days, but next week is just too close.

My husband is the best. On Wednesday I went and got a crown on my tooth(I got the root canal 2 years ago). I am telling you that it hurt really bad, the tooth didn't hurt until now. So I have to admit I have been kind of crabby and usually Britt will just try and steer clear; not this time he said that I needed a back massage. So he gave me one...It was nice for him to think about ways to help me be pampered instead of trying to avoid me. Well the baby is awake and so this post is done. Hope you had fun reading my rambling.

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erin said...

Ahhh thanks Crystal! I know it seems all too soon for me to be moving! I have so many things that I want to do. I know that I am to go though. At least we will have our blogs so we can see what is going on!!! I will be better at it! The building was I think like 100 to 120 years old! You forgot to put Mom in there for the lunch. I will really miss all of you!!! What a sweet husband!!! I can't wait until mine comes home!!!!! Tonight was a lot of fun!!! I liked it!!! Okay I am going to stop now with all of the !!!! hehehehehehe Love ya!