Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ok so we finally did it. We had a young women from our ward come to our house and watch Alexis and then paid her. I know it sounds crazy that I am posting this but it was a huge step for us. We are exteremly protective and just have had the hardest time getting a babysitter; not because there isn't enough girls we have some 35 active Young Women in our Ward. We have just been blessed with family that is so willing to take her for us, but tonight we didn't have anyone. My parents were going to the same ward activity and Ashlee has been running a fever, so we didn't want Jenn to have to worry about another baby. Everyone else was too far away so we had to or sit home and we both really wanted the socialization with adults.

So we had a game night for the adults in our ward and it was fun. The first game we played was by table and we had to write a 4 line poem that we might see on a Valentine card; our tables was the best. We then had names pined on our backs and we had to find our match by asking questions to see who we were. I didn't do so good; I just couldn't figure it out. We then played the newly wed game with 4 other couples. Britt and I came in second place missing the win by 5 points. The couple that won had been married the least amount of time, only 6 years! So we came home to find everything well and two happy girls. Alexis bored her to death with wanting her to play the Little People dvd over and over again. She just loves them. I have finally order 4 more of them so that she can have variety.

I must say Britt and I were a bit stumped on how much to pay a babysitter. We had to ask our friends, the Dicksons, when we got to the party how much to pay her. We ended up giving her $10, she did have Rudy to let outside and stuff; so she was kind of watching 2 kids! The Dickson's have decided since we have finally enter the world of getting out without kids that we should go celebrate this weekend. Britt asked our babysitter if she might be free next weekend too. Funny how paying a babysitter makes you feel like a grown up!

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Jenn said...

And your house didn't catch on fire! I was watching it :)