Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Running for shots!

Alexis doesn't have bronchitis or an ear infection. The doctor wouldn't diagnose her with asthma either, but he did say she had wheezing and gave her an in-haler. He wants me to give it to her when she has been really active or when she needs it. She takes it so good too, I just breath in and out a bunch and she copies me. She got her 18 month shots too. They were trying not to do it because they are usually given at a well baby check up. I just told the nurse that we were changing insurance next week and really wanted it done. So she put the shots through! I was so happy, Alexis was until she got them. When they called her name she ran over and followed the nurse almost skipping, I said "If she only knew what she was running towards!" So she was limping tonight on both legs, it was so very funny except for the crying and sad little legs that hurt. She is just amazing and such a trooper. I love her so much.

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Tam said...

HI just found your blog from another blog that I belong to. The book club at jaime laire....stopped by to say hello