Monday, February 18, 2008

Driving Slow

Funny story that I need to share real quick. Britt just cracks me up sometimes! Friday night we were driving home from Kate's house and he was going 30mph in a 40mph zone so I mentioned to him that he was driving slow. He responded by pointing behind us saying "Well everyone behind me is going slow too." I started laughing and only then did he understand why they were going so slow. So laugh with us because it was really funny.

3 lil' notes:

Travis & Leslie said...

HA-Ha-Ha-Ha!!! First off, I can't imagine Britt as a slow driver! Second, his reaction is just hilarious!! I hope we get a kick out of that one for a long time!! Oh, that's a good one!

Lisa said...

Dang GRANDPA! What an old guy response! Heehehehe

Nicole Wagner said...

Hey Crystal:) we live in Portland.where are you?