Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a good Valentine's Day. We went out to dinner on Wednesday with our friends the Pine's and Schaub's to the Lobster Shop, had great conversation and good food. My parents watched Alexis so we could go out, thanks for always helping us out we really appreciate and love you! We then spent all day yesterday as a family because Britt didn't have work. We ate breakfast and cleaned the house, I was lying on the couch, I stayed up late reading, and Alexis turned the TV off and climbed up on the couch with me and just closed her eyes and went to sleep at 11. She does not do that very often; usually at nap time it takes her 10 minutes of being in her crib to fall asleep. So I did what any good mother on Valentine's Day would do, I took a nap too! It felt so good. I was woke up by 3; they are triplets, of my Sunbeams delivering us Valentines. It was so cute. So we went and bought candy to go with Alexis' Valentines that she picked out last week. Britt then surprised Alexis with a trip to the park; this is our favorite park because it is close, easy to get to and has two play grounds one for small children and one for big kids. They just put new soil and grass down it is smooth and nice now, we will be having Alexis's birthday there.

Alexis also said "I love you" to Britt today as he was leaving for work. If we ask her how old she is she holds her 1 chubby and cute finger up! She is really into saying "What is it" or "watch it" for movies. I was getting concerned because she doesn't say a lot of one word things, but she must have been waiting to say sentences. I guess I shouldn't be surprised she is an over-achiever! She only walked for a short time before she ran!

I love My Family so much!

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