Friday, February 8, 2008


Growing bangs out is so hard. Every time I look at Alexis with her hair covering her eyes I want to run and grab my scissors. I know that is will be much better in a few weeks but wow they are seriously bugging me. She looks like a welfare child. It wouldn't be that bad if she would keep her hair clips in, but no way that is asking too much.

3 lil' notes:

Travis & Leslie said...

Oh man, I hear ya!!! I swear Tillie had a mullet for ever!!! She didn't keep the clips in either and the little rubber bands broke her hair so it was worse! You'll be glad you did it though! Try braids, if she'll sit still & if there's enough hair to grab on to!

erin said...

The joys of being a mother. Don't have to worry about that too much with my three boys. hehehehehe.

Jenn said...

Bangs are even a battle when you're older!!! LOL