Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a week! We are getting the hang of nursing, ouch! We have gone out of the house just me and the 2 girls. My sister had her baby boy today. I am writing the events of her birth down and will post as soon as I get a moment! Alexis loves to kiss and hug Megan ALL the time, she even picked her up twice...she says her muscles are big enough. We are just so happy to have 2 healthy girls!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Megan Michelle Bergman

Ok I will get to the birth story but here is a peek at our sweet Megan!

You may wonder why I included her crying....she did that a lot her first day. I mean a lot!

Here we all are! Just about 30 minutes after she was born. She weighed 7lbs 2ounces, 21 inches long. She has a 13.5inch head and arrived at 2:50pm Tuesday June 22, 2010. Seriously so cute and already has us all head over heels for her! Alexis doesn't go more then 10 minutes without asking to hold her or kissing her.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A birth story

So I am happy to announce that she finally arrived! She was born on Tuesday, June 22, 2010! We had quite the 24 hours leading up to her birth. We went and saw our midwife at 3:30 on Monday and had another Non stress test and she checked me. Well I started having continous cramping until about 6pm and then it turned it to contractions. They were about 3 minutes apart at 8 so we called Nancy and we went in to be checked. I was still only at a 1 but she stripped my membranes...seriously that is so painful. So we went home and I continued to have contractions and I knew I was in labor. Spent a lot of time in the bath tub during the night and just tried to relax in between. At about 6am we called Nancy and she told us to come in. I honestly didn't want to, for the silliest reason. I knew it was going to hurt when she checked isn't that silly. I knew it was not to be avoided so we called my parents and took Alexis up to my dad, then headed off to the birthing center. When we got there at 7:15am I had this realization that this was happening. I thought I was prepared for it all but how can you be when you have never gone through it. Nancy said that she might break my water around 8. So Grandma Shirley and Grandma Martin got there as soon as they could thinking it was going to be soon, but alas I was only at a 3. So we kept laboring. I truly wanted to give up and go to the hospital around 11. I was so tired and I felt like nothing was happening. But everyone told me that I can do it and pep talked me up! Nancy told me don't let discouraging thoughts get in the way. Britt reminded me that Angels were attending me and helping me get through this. This is what we all wanted, we didn't want her born medicated. So I stuck with it. I got an IV to rehydrate and then we made the choice to break my water when I was at a 6. I then got in the tub and had the water as warm as I could stand it. Britt poured water over me continuously and couched me through every breath I took. He was amazing, amazing. I have the most amazing, wonderful and awesome husband, couch, supporter and eternal companion that anyone could ask for. He would say look at me, and then would have me breath and would tell me I can do this and not to let the pain get ahead of me and take over. I was in the tub for a little over an hour and by then was at an 8. It was seriously time to get this baby out. Nancy is a miracle worker when it comes to getting babies out without tearing. I pushed for around 45 minutes and she was out. I was pushing every other contraction and then as she was crowning I decided I needed to push with every one it was just too much to have her there and waiting. Britt was able to catch her and help deliver her and he lost it. He was so overcome with emotion and was speechless. I was so relieved to have her out and safe. I find it amazing that it hurt less to push through a contraction then to try and breath through it. Once Britt placed her on my tummy I was in such shock and in awe that it was done, my baby was here. She cried and cried and it was the most wonderful sound ever. After everything we had been through all the scary things we had been told and feared were gone. I just laid there looking at this perfect baby in my arms and cried. Britt cut her umbilical cord and she was free. She weighed 7 pounds 2ounces 21 inches long and was crying! When Alexis came in everything was complete, my family was all there. She loved seeing Megan and was just so amazed. She had come in the bathroom while I was laboring and wanted to get in the tub with me, it was cute. Every time we had gone to our appointments she had asked to take a bath in it. I think it made her nervous how I was acting though. We went home a few hours later and took naps. Alexis went with my parents and asked to come home around 8:30 to see her new sister!

Daddy and Alexis dressing of our first moments together.
Holding Megan
Helping to wash her hair!
In awe of her tiny sister.
getting weighed.
Meeting me finally!
Just born.
getting my IV.
Sorry they aren't in order, but you get the idea! I honestly wouldn't have asked for things to go any other way except maybe shorter. I hope I get to do it again just not real soon!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

-5 days

Well if you haven't noticed already we still don't have a baby in our arms. She is 5 days past her due date and tomorrow makes her over due(by doctors opinions). We had a bio-physical ultrasound on Thursday with Dr. Maslow, she almost didn't pass. They test on 4 areas fluid, tone, movement, breathing. She had light breathing, good fluid and she moved her eyes. Did you know they can see the iris of the eye through the ultrasound? It was cool and creepy at the same time. Anyways so would not move. 30 minutes is what they give them to pass and after pushing on my tummy from all sides, sitting up and laying down she still wouldn't move. We were a bit nervous because they have to have 8 out of 10 to pass and she was given a 6. So they put me on a non stress test for 20 minutes. Of course the second they hook me up she starts wiggling. They continued the test though and passed her. We had hopes that I would go into labor but so far my contractions get going really good and strong and then quit every night around 10ish. I mowed the grass and weeded my flowerbeds yesterday hoping that would jump start things, well same thing happened. So I am frustrated and am close to tears a lot. I just don't know what she is waiting for. I see Nancy on Monday and will be 41 weeks, at that point we are going to have to figure out a method to get this baby here, either naturally or medically because I am close to being spent. I am trying 2 cups of Raspberry leaf tea and 3 evening prime rose oil pills a day to try and get things going without stressing little miss out. I have lost parts of my mucus plug the last 2 days so I guess somethings are happening, but man it is slow. I don't even hardly hope that today will be the day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day 1

I had high hopes that this post would be announcing Megan's birth, but alas it is not. She is not here and I feel like she is not even close to coming either. I blame Britt, Martin babies come out when the are supposed too. Grandma Shirley informed us that she always passed her due this is a Bergman thing. lol. I am trying really hard not to be upset, I have cried a little in the last 24 hours and will probably cry some more. So if I don't talk to you or answer your calls it is not because I am having the baby. I had a Non Stress Test yesterday and everything looked fine. I have a bio-physical ultra sound on Thursday with Dr. Maslow. I never in-visioned being 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant, of course being pregnant seemed like a far off dream last September. So I guess the count down is going backwards now, haha.

On a happy note I asked Alexis to clean up her stuffed animals and dolls that were all over her floor and she did it without a complaint and then proudly showed me her room. I nearly cried it was so sweet.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A funny girl

Our home teacher and visiting teacher came over after church to home teach us...they are married and just happen to be really great friends of ours too. So Rick was telling us about Alexis in primary... he said they have a missionary moment and then the kids get to but a marble in a jar. When they asked the kids to share them Alexis jumped up and got up to the micro phone. She stood there for a few seconds just looking around and then got really close to the microphone and said "I talked on the phone." Then went over and put a marble in, cracked us up. I doubt she even understands what missionary moment means. Love her silly comments. The other day we were leaving my parents and I told her to give hugs good bye and she stood up and looked around the room and said "there's no one here to hug," looking right at my dad with a smirk on her face. Then she ran over and hugged him. I guess we have a comedian in the family.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A few feelings

In my efforts to get this baby here I have done a bunch of cleaning, walking, gone to the zoo and shopping. I think things are happening though. My contractions are getting more painful and more frequent. I have lots more cramping and pains down there. I am trying to stay relaxed and enjoy these last moments before she arrives. Every move she makes causes me to think about what she looks like. I just want to touch her tiny toes and feel her brand new fresh skin. I want to feel her tiny little breaths and sounds. I can't wait to see her! I am so relieved that she made it full term and is healthy, well as far as the ultrasounds have shown. I feel so blessed to be a part of this birth and raising of a daughter of God. I am just in awe that I get to have 2 girls, kind of humbling that Heavenly Father is putting his trust in me to raise them right. I look at all the young women in our ward and think about what I need to teach for my girls to grow up as great as they are and pray that I can do it right. I am grateful right now to have the ward that we have. The sisters are so supportive, the brothern honor their priesthood. I love our primary program. The presidency is amazing with these little ones, Alexis loves them and primary. I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life, I can't imagine how these last 10.5 years would have been without my Savior carrying me through. I don't see how the rest of my life would be worth it without his love and blessings. I know that we still have valleys and mountains left, but he makes them managable. Right now it is really early, but I can see the sun coming up over the mountain and I know that I can do anything. Even give birth without pain medicine. We have received so much critisim over our choice to go natural, but we have honestly prayed and know that this is the right thing. My blessing tells me that angels will attend my deliveries and we know that the environment we have chosen will make it possible. I love my husband who is working long hours right now so that he can take a few days off when Megan comes. I get cranky with him at times for it, but that is just because I miss him. I am grateful he has the priesthood and blesses our home and lives with it. I wouldn't change a thing about our life right now, ok maybe I would give the dog a bath. So if this is the last post before our baby arrives and you don't see another one for awhile I want all of our friends and family that have been there with us through the thick and the thin to know that we couldn't have done it without you either. I know that you were sent to us to help and support and love us.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not here yet

Just 5 days from my due date and nothing is happening. I feel like I shouldn't be upset, but man I just want to be a 1 or something. I am going to just let it go, or try to anyways. I think we are really ready for this baby. I just wish she showed signs of coming. If I am busy walking around I have contractions but if I sit down they stop. We asked Nancy today if there is anything we could do to get labor going she let us know that unless I am dilating no amount of walking or ummm other activities will help. I believe it since I have been chowing down pineapple, walking and other stuff. Last week baby was low but sure enough she is still bobbing and was high today. PLEASE hurry and come Megan, we are all so anxious to see you. Alexis thought they were taking her out today and was insisting on coming, until I told her it is boring and that she wasn't coming out yet. We bought a bunch of $1 projects for Alexis to do after the baby comes so that she doesn't feel neglected and I am having a hard time keeping her from wanting to do them now. At least I still feel good for the most part!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

more pictures

Britt hooking her fishing pole up with a worm.

She was waving like crazy at us.

The whole time we were there she begged to go in the yellow boat. Britt took her out and she was happy, happy happy!!!!

I guess this is our most recent family photo! I actually like that Alexis is eating ice cream in it.

I am so huge! 38 weeks. I liked the street sign!

Just look at those mountains! Makes me feel like I am in a Bavarian village! (hehe)

Honey sticks!

Waiting for a brat. She was telling him a story! To cute.

Such a pretty girl.

I still can't believe she touched it without reservations.

Our little getaway

Ok so now blogger isn't letting me upload pictures. You will all have to wait for the rest of our exciting Memorial day getaway pictures. We were asked if Britt would help Roy Huntington with some sheet rock at Milena's lake house. Roy is in our ward, but we are also related through marriage and Milena is his daughter. We jumped at the chance with only having 2 weeks until D-day! The house is on fish lake near Leavenworth and was so quiet and relaxing. Alexis loved every second, even woke up at 4am because she wanted to go fishing so bad! I was able to relax and finish her blanket, visit and climb stairs. Oh boy were my legs sore by the end. We went into Leavenworth and looked in the shops, ate brats, ice cream, danishes and candy. The weather was so much better over there at 70 and no rain.

So I had my pamper night got pedicures and had dinner with my friend Amy and got away to the lake with my Megan can come any time now!!!


Us in Leavenworth. Alexis is starting to show off in pictures.

Touching her fish.

We had three poles in the water. I was holding Alexis's since she kept getting bored and we didn't want her to drop it. All of the sudden I felt tugging, now I have never really caught a fish. I have reeled them in, but never felt them bite. So Britt jumped up and grabbed the pole and started reeling it in before we stopped and handed it over to Alexis. She was so excited and it was prefect timing, she was just asking to go back to the birdy house(that is what she called the cabin!) I was shocked when she touched the fish, she doesn't like bugs or worms.

Just starting out on our fishing adventure, the wind had picked up and it was chilly.

This is the grocery store in Plain, WA. I thought the sign was fun!

A few weekends ago at a park for Sam's birthday.

Riding a horse of Aunt Katie's. Alexis has always been hysterically afraid of them. We were surprised when she wanted to walk out and see them and then didn't cry when we put her on. She did so good petting the baby one too. Maybe she is a bare back rider and the saddle scares her. Who knows!

Friday, June 4, 2010

one of my Last Appointments

38 week and 4 days doctor appointment was not exciting. LOL, I am not dilated or effaced. I am softening though. Next week Nancy said she will start trying to get my labor going. I am not worried though since it is my first pregnancy and I still have 10 days until my due date. I think the only reason I want her here now is because then I know she is healthy and I will be able to bend over easier. I am still sleeping pretty good, I have heartburn and when she moves it can be uncomfortable. I don't have stretch marks yet and kind of want her to come just so that I don't get one in the last week. We are all so excited to meet her and get going on this next phase of life. Life with 2 kids....I have been so spoiled only having 1 kid to drag around these last 3 almost 4 years. Hopefully Megan is as easy to pack around as Alexis. The serious count down has begun and we are all ready for her. I even started packing my bag today, car seat is installed, Alexis has her bag packed(with new pj's and her kitty blanket surprise!), Britt says he doesn't need anything packed so he is on his own! Alexis has said that Megan will be born on the is her favorite number, but makes you wonder since she was right about Megan being a girl from the very beginning. If she does come on the 6th I will invest in her magic glass ball telling future!