Monday, June 14, 2010

A funny girl

Our home teacher and visiting teacher came over after church to home teach us...they are married and just happen to be really great friends of ours too. So Rick was telling us about Alexis in primary... he said they have a missionary moment and then the kids get to but a marble in a jar. When they asked the kids to share them Alexis jumped up and got up to the micro phone. She stood there for a few seconds just looking around and then got really close to the microphone and said "I talked on the phone." Then went over and put a marble in, cracked us up. I doubt she even understands what missionary moment means. Love her silly comments. The other day we were leaving my parents and I told her to give hugs good bye and she stood up and looked around the room and said "there's no one here to hug," looking right at my dad with a smirk on her face. Then she ran over and hugged him. I guess we have a comedian in the family.

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Jamie Newman said...

That cracks me up! She does have a silly side doesn't she!