Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our little getaway

Ok so now blogger isn't letting me upload pictures. You will all have to wait for the rest of our exciting Memorial day getaway pictures. We were asked if Britt would help Roy Huntington with some sheet rock at Milena's lake house. Roy is in our ward, but we are also related through marriage and Milena is his daughter. We jumped at the chance with only having 2 weeks until D-day! The house is on fish lake near Leavenworth and was so quiet and relaxing. Alexis loved every second, even woke up at 4am because she wanted to go fishing so bad! I was able to relax and finish her blanket, visit and climb stairs. Oh boy were my legs sore by the end. We went into Leavenworth and looked in the shops, ate brats, ice cream, danishes and candy. The weather was so much better over there at 70 and no rain.

So I had my pamper night got pedicures and had dinner with my friend Amy and got away to the lake with my Megan can come any time now!!!

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