Saturday, October 30, 2010


Wow time sure flies! So we have had a month of family visits! First Erin and Lim came with their 4 kiddos, we went to Selah, WA to visit with the Morse family, Aunties and Uncles came to visit Grandma, then we went to Driggs, Idaho for a funeral. Everything was super fun except the tragic funeral. I really haven't come to understand why Angela died. She was expecting her first baby in February and was taken last week suddenly in a car accident. While trying to save her life a huge tumor was found and removed but it was to late. The baby was already gone and so was Angela. The saddest part is the tumor was killing her already. I know there is a purposes that is greater then we know, but I still ask why now? Life is pushing forward and it is hard to hold on and wait for the answers that won't come quickly. Angela has her son and together they are doing great things on the other side. I am very grateful that we have eternal marriages. Kyle and Angela and their son are sealed and that brings comfort.

Alexis and Megan got to met Grandpa and Grandma Bergman. Alexis keeps asking if her new grandpa is coming over. Very cute! I have hundreds of pictures from this last month, can't post them all but I will post a few!

In the car on the way home from Idaho!
I love this little face!!
Alexis and Tillie!
Cocoa bean cupcakes!
Angela's mom, she loved holding Megan!
4 generations! I was especially happy to get this one! Grandma gave us a scare a few weeks ago so this one is very special to me.
Meeting their Grandpa on the Bergman Side and Grandma Sandi.
Britt, Kyle and Megan. Kyle is seriously an awesome guy and would pick up Megan and kiss her and snuggle her, which kind of broke my heart thinking of the baby he will never get to hold.
Playing in the fresh snow!
Alexis found this place to sit and read, I wish we had a fun little hide away like this.
Sadie and Megan. Sadie helped with Megan a lot!
Megan loves to grab her toes now when ever she is laying down...cute!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

come fly with me!
Alma and Alexis were supposed to be cleaning the room up. This is how we found them.
Isaac fell asleep on the floor when we sat him up to pick him up he stayed there. Too funny!
Watching conference! Don't ask us what all they said because as you can see we had a room full of kids!
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