Monday, June 2, 2008

He's back

Jinx came back. Little stinker. After Alexis's bath I decide to go look for him and saw him when I was getting my shoes out of my closet! I got my garden planted....THANK YOU JENN, for watching Alexis while I finished weeding and planting. I didn't plant my beans though, oh well, I got my baby pumpkins and carving pumpkins in; last time we planted pumpkins we got 10 huge ones. I ended up carving all but 2 by myself because Britt wouldn't help me. So I am excited and can't wait for Alexis to help me carve them. So even though I am excited about summer I am really excited for fall too!

3 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

Silly cats... They think they'll love it outside but they always come back!

Emma said...

I am glad you got your garden in. I planted mine in May,and it is doing well execpt for my melons. The weather here in Boise is not very warm for June, it feels more like April. I love it, even if my melons don't.

Horn Family said...

Oh my heck!!! That is crazy!!! I am glad that he is back! Right on for your garden! I need to plant one myself! I am seriously needing to plant a garden. I can't believe the price's of things now and days! I am going to have the sister missionaries help me. Maybe next week I will start my garden.