Sunday, June 15, 2008


Father's day is a wonderful day here at our house. Britt is a great dad and we love him to pieces. He woke up to breakfast in bed and his favorite treat, chocolate covered fruit! We then got ready for church and made it on time(big surprise!), taught our little sunbeams who were amazingly full of energy, and came home and started dinner. My family all came over and we barbecued ribs and corn(we had a bit of a flame issue and so everything was covered with black) baked potatoes and jello. It was really yummy even with all of our mouths turning black. Alexis and Ben played in the sprinkler and the rest of us relaxed. Then we played the Wii and had strawberry shortcake and key lime pie.

Britt has so much love for us and would do anything in his power to keep us safe. I love how gently he is with Alexis and even that he isn't afraid to wrestle her. Alexis always loves it when daddy comes home because he lets her jump on the bed, scream in the house and eat whatever she wants. He always has her laughing and they play hide and go seek, and is just silly with her. He is a great husband too. I am so grateful for the father that he is and will become as the years go by. Happy Father's day Britt, you are the best. We LOVE you so much.

2 lil' notes:

Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

Cute family pictures!

leslie mae said...

Happy Father's Day Britt!! You deserve it for sure! I'm proud of you & who you've become... and I LOVE your wife to pieces so good choice there. Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!