Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunscreen or Snow suit

She is back!!!! Erin and her boys decided to leave the crazy tornado weather in Kansas and head for more mild weather....well surprise our weather is yucky too. What is with the wind today. A little bit of weather facts for you from Komo 4 news. The average temp so far this month has been 57 degrees and that is 12 degrees colder then our normal. This has been the coldest first 8 days in June ever and then record of 12 days in June with the temp staying under 60 is in jeopardy of being broken this year. The good news is they say we will get a summer this year and starting Wednesday we should climb to nearly 70 and stay there for 5 days(that is as far as the forecast goes). So while our Mountains get snow dumped(a foot tonight) on them in June and we are freezing our bums off we also have to worry about global warming....Please can we get some of that warming to blow in with these 40 MPH winds we have been having all day. Trees are falling on houses and all really makes it feel like winter, by the way the news is calling this month June-ary.

3 lil' notes:

shiree said...

yeah this weather SUCKS I HOPE IT WARMS UP

Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

I guess we can only be hopeful! :-|

Melanie Love said...

A tree fell in our neighborhood, but my parents had a tree fall on their house. It was really skinny, but so tall that it touched the very top pitch of their roof. Crazy Weather!!