Saturday, June 14, 2008

A car

After weeks of searching garage sale after yard sale, I finally found a car for her. She came in the back yard and got right in. I got this car for $1, yes that is right one buck! I am so excited and glad to be done with the hunt especially after last weekend. My dad and I headed out to find a car and went to the Tapps Island annual sale($5 admission) We went through that whole place and turned on the last road and spotted one, my dad jumps out of the car and heads for it and about 3 feet from victory a lady picked it up. It was very frustrating. I am happy to say that car was selling for $10, so if you take include the price of the admission to the sale last week the car still only cost $6! I am done with garage sales now and will begin to enjoy my Saturdays!