Friday, June 27, 2008

What a week!

Thursday while we where at Bob and Shannon's wedding dinner my mom called us to tell us that Alexis was having a very hard time swallowing anything and would just scream when she did. We thought that it might be strep throat and came home thinking that we where going to have to take her to an Urgent Care, but guess what they all close by 10pm, which left the ER. Now I know that some people would have taken their kids in right away, but we looked at it objectively and this is what we thought about
1. ER is where sick people go: chance of getting something else
2. long hours of waiting: if we get there by 11pm we may not even get seen until 2am and who knows how long until we get home
3. complete sleep loss and a baby running around a germ filled hospital
4. same day clinic opens at 8 and is only 5 minutes from home; hospital is 30 minutes
5. While looking for Urgent care places Alexis fell asleep

So we took her home and had 2 to 3 hour stretches of sleep and then she would wake up for a few minutes and cry; Britt totally was my hero. My superman took charge of her last night and let me get sleep. Alexis at one point was in our bed and side ways on Britt's pillow so he came out on the couch, Alexis woke up and came out here to find him it was funny. OK so she woke up at 6:30 I think and she was happy and smiling; but I was not deceived she still didn't want to eat much. I got us both ready to go and was at the clinic right at 8 and was the 3rd person there(A guy from our ward was there so I even had someone to talk to)! Alexis was sound asleep and I had to wake her to weigh her, after that she let the doctor check her breathing, heart, tummy ears and mouth. She was really concerned about her tonsils she said they were huge and ordered a strep test. She also said that she had an ear infection(first time for the left ear). The doctor looked at the rash behind her knees and said it was eczema and asked me if she had any breathing problems. So I explained the coughing after running around and how she wheezes, but the last doctor we saw wouldn't diagnose her with asthma until she was 2. This doctor said that with her sensitive skin and the breathing problems I described that I already had my diagnoses....ASTHMA, she gave us a referral to a pediatric pulmonary specialist. I am relieved because I knew she had a problem and was frustrated that he gave me a wimpy albuteral inhaler and that it isn't strong enough to stop an attack it just helps lesson it by a little. So after playing ring-a-round-the-rosies, making all the animals sounds she knows, singing songs, looking for birds out the window and playing hide and go seek, by the way Alexis thinks that facing the wall is a great hiding spot, she doesn't have strep throat just tonsillitis and the doctor said that it was probably due to the ear infections and she is not contagious. We where there for 1 hour and 15 minutes and Alexis was marvelously well behaved. We got her prescription filled and she was really good in Walmart for the 20 minutes that it took. The only fight we had from her all day was giving her the antibiotic; it took both of us and it was a nightmare. She fought us with every single drop of that darn stuff. 9 more days and then we will be a much happier family! Alexis is asleep in her own bed so hopefully she stays there too.

Bob and Shannon got sealed today and it was a great ceremony, the reception was nice and we got to catch up with friends we have seen in awhile. We also got to meet Bryce, Jonathon and Melanie's son, he is super cute and lots of fun. It has been a full week and tomorrow we all get to bake away while the mercury is climbing into the 90's, our pool isn't set up yet so yes if you talked to me you would hear whining. Going to go to bed and cross my fingers she sleeps!

2 lil' notes:

Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

Crazy! Atleast she was able to do something or help you in the right direction for her breathing problems.

leslie mae said...

AWE!!! That really stinks. I hate albuterol; it makes the kids hyper and restless. So now what with the asthma?

PS. Hurrah for Britt; what an awesome Dad!! You guys are great parents!!