Monday, June 30, 2008

Chenuis Falls hike

What a fun day! We got to sleep in to start with, Alexis did wake up 6 but she fell back asleep in between us on top of the covers and so we slept until 9, nice. We then got ready to go on a hike with Chad, Kate and Mallori up to the Carbon River Glacier area. It was a great day for hiking only 75 up there and not as muggy as yesterday, the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife and we had an awesome lightening storm. Anyways I get so sidetracked sometimes, the girls were great in the backpacks, the boys didn't complain as much as I thought they could have. Alexis did fuss at us for a minute or so each time we put her back in the pack, but that was it. They both snoozed for a while and played; they would reach out and touch hands when Chad and Britt walked side by side it was adorable. They would laugh and laugh as they tried! We didn't get to go right up to the falls because the bridge was down, would you believe that it came down during the night the ranger said it was up yesterday! But it probably wouldn't have been safe anyways they river was so full that it was almost touching the first bridge and pouring down the falls so fast that with the girls it would have been unwise. It was a great day!
this is what is was supposed to look like(we have been there before and it was beautiful) This time it was amplified 100%! Maybe we will try it again later when the melt off is chilled out! If you want a hike with a good wide smooth road for most of the hike then choose this one, beware the road has been really damaged at one part and so you have to hike in the full 3.7 miles and then back out so not a quick one and as we found out the log bridges across the river can wash out anytime! I will post pictures tomorrow!

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