Thursday, July 3, 2008

And the thunder rolls out of control

We have been having some seriously huge thunder and lightening storms this week. Sunday we sat out in the back yard and watched the lightening strike wildly over the roof of our house. Britt had one get so close to him that his hair stood up, well if he hadn't been sitting on the roof of the play set it wouldn't have gotten so close to him. We also were misinformed about how to tell how close it is. Once you see the flash and count to 5 that means it is one mile away, we thought it was a mile for every second we counted, so counting to 10 means it is only 2 miles away not the ten we thought. That storm lasted until late in the night and then last nights was something else. I went to the movies and saw Emma Smith, My story and when we came out we could see the humidity in the air, it was really thick and I had a feeling lightening was on it's way and sure enough as we stood outside the theatre the sky started lighting up and did so all the way home and until about 10 this morning. All night long and it was right over us, it poured and flashed and shook our house. None of us slept very well at all, Alexis is very scared and wraps her arms around us and holds on for dear life. Finally this morning I told her the clouds were growling and that seemed to calm her a little bit. If you think I am exaggerating how bad the storm was last night think again, it seriously lasted all night and every flash and boom kept us from a deep sleep. The rain also kept us from going to the tall ships festival, it last all weekend but I wanted to see them coming in. Ohwell I guess life goes on! Alexis did just take a 3 hour nap though thanks to last nights storm!

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Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

Man that thunder was crazy! I hope it happens again so I can try harder to get pictures!!!