Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gettin Skinny

I know I wish that title was for me but it is not.... and it can't be for Britt since he can't get much skinnier. So it must be for Alexis. She is 26 pounds same as she has weighed for about 2 months now and 34 inches tall. She has gotten taller though since march when she was 31 inches. That puts her at the 45th percentile for weight and the 61st for height. Now if she wouldn't be such a picky eater she might gain some weight. We had sandwiches today for lunch and she only ate the cheese. Left the meat and bread sitting on the table. Oh well, she isn't starving so she must be getting enough.

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Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

Growing toooooooooooo fast!