Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday our power was supposed to be out for 8 hours so we planned a full day of being away from home. Alexis and I went to the park, then we came home(power was still on) picked up Britt and met my parents for lunch at Mazatlan. They offered to watch Alexis for us while we went to the Seattle REI and so we took them up on their offer. Britt and I met the guy buying one of Britt's bikes there at 2:00 and sold him the bike! We then went in to REI. It is huge compared to Tacoma's and has a 65 foot Rock wall you can climb, we are going to go back on a Monday because it is only $15 then. Anyways we went down to the scratch and dent section and found a pair of boats and a whole bunch of stuff people have return, it would shock you what people will return. There was a shirt there that had been bleached and REI took it back, shoes that had been seriously abused and were returned, tents that people had ripped putting up and REI took them all back. OK well we went up stairs so Britt could walk around the testing area. Then for 4 hours more he tried on boots....I am not was torture. I am so glad we didn't bring Alexis she would not have played on the playground for that long. Britt has blisters on his hand from tying shoes. My brain has become mush from all the shoes he tried on and complained about. Finally this guy named Pete(life-saver) asked how we where doing(probably due to coma like trans I was in) he was a backpacker to the soul and taught Britt all about hiking boots and how they should fit and the difference between Mountaineer, backpacking and hiking boots. So Britt finally picked out a boot, the first ones that we found down in the scratch and dent section. I wanted to shout for joy, he then went and looked at gators, sleeping bags and climbing axes and I was able to steer him to the check out. We got through the line and somewhere Britt had put down our basket and had to run back through the store and find it. We got the boots for $135 they were originally $280, and we got out of there with only spending $50 more then what he sold his bike for. We almost had to go back in because we couldn't find Britt's phone and just as we were turning to go back in the store the cashier came running up to us and asked if it was ours. I was happy that Britt didn't get to go back in because we had forgot our car was parked in the garage and you had to pay. I was happy when our parking only cost us $5, just a few more minutes and it would have been $12. We bought Alexis a monkey that Velcro's onto her with its feet and hands. On the way home we called my parents and Alexis said "Hi" to me I had to really think about who was talking to me because I don't hear her on the phone very often. I asked her if she was being good and she said "Yea" and then I told her we got a surprise for her and she said "yea" and then "Bye" and "Love you." When I got off the phone I got teary eyed because she is just getting so big. I Love her so much. So hopefully he won't need a new pair of boots anytime soon, and if he does I won't be going with him I will go to the spa. HAHA. After all that our power never went out.

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Jenn (Joe & Ashlee too) said...

I am so glad Joe is a quick shopper!!!